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Holiday Recipes: Soleil Moon Frye
“I absolutely love ‘Nancy’s Prize-winning Blueberry Pie’ from the More from Magnolia cookbook, and I make it for my whole family during the holidays,” says Soleil Moon Frye, author of Read more.
Holiday Recipes: Samantha Harris
“Making Hanukkah cookies is a tradition I began last year when [my daughter] Josselyn was 3 years old,” says ET correspondent Samantha Harris . . . . Read more.
Holiday Recipes: Alison Sweeney
“Making these pancakes was a tradition in my husband’s family when he was growing up, and now they are a tradition in my house,” says Alison Sweeney, host of The Read more.
Holiday Recipes: Mayim Bialik
“As a vegan, a chocoholic, and someone who likes the ingredients of pecan pie but not in a pie form, I love this recipe as the solution to all of Read more.
Holiday Recipes: Jessica Seinfeld
“The spices in this cake make the whole house smell like the holidays,” says Jessica Seinfeld, founder of Baby Buggy, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. “ Read more.
Storytelling 101
It’s pretty great when a sweet little voice asks, Will you tell me a story, please? Until you draw a total blank and choke. (Been there.) We asked some folks Read more.
In Disguise
Every Halloween we feel inspired—for a moment—to make our kids’ Halloween costumes from scratch. Then we remember how busy we are, and we quickly order the cutest things we can Read more.
Learning Curve
Sending your baby off to nursery school for the first time is exciting—and totally nerve-wracking. (For both of you.) Our experts and scouts share their personal-experience tips for making the Read more.
Second Time Around
Most baby care books and websites are aimed at parenting newbies; there’s not a whole lot out there for repeat customers. But the truth is (as you might suspect), a Read more.
Kitchen Aid
No matter what food dramas you face at home (picky eater? gluten intolerance? menu fatigue?), there’s probably a cookbook to help you. Here are a few favorites that are hot Read more.
Nice Form
Scaled-down grownup objects—mini tea sets, doll strollers, toy houses, play kitchens—are classic elements of pretend play. So why are most versions all plasticky and tacky? Ugh. We found a few Read more.
To See Or Not To See.
Taking your little one to his or her first movie is a rite of passage. But before you go, remember that animated cuteness does not always mean healthy, happy viewing Read more.