Health + Safety

Updates On The 2019 Flu Season

Here's what you need to know.

Flu season can be its own kind of torture for parents of littles, especially after what we experienced last year.  Quick recap: the 2017-2018 flu season was one of the Read more.
Keeping Intimacy Strong After Childbirth

Advice for him and her.

Guest written by Emily A. Francis , co-author of Witchy Mama. Keeping a strong connection with your partner after the baby arrives is paramount. Our relationships change after we become Read more.
Swaddling Safety 101

Snug as a bug in a rug... but not too snug.

Swaddling is the age-old practice of wrapping a baby snugly in a light blanket for warmth and security — much like their former living quarters, AKA mama’s womb. While the Read more.
Is It Time To Transition To A Toddler Bed?

The when and how of the great crib-to-bed transition.

Of all the things scary things that go bump in the night, nothing is quite as bone chilling as the sound of your toddler sticking the landing as he propels Read more.
Sleep Resolutions for the New Year

Resolve to catch more Zzzz's this year.

Guest written by Renee Wasserman, PT, MPH, founder of SleepyHead Solutions It’s that time of year again — time to make resolutions for the new year. Do any of these Read more.
Keeping Littles Healthy This Winter

Stay one step ahead of the cold & flu with these simple habits.

With a new cold and flu season creeping up on us (after a particularly harsh season last year) it’s time to start being extra vigilant about germ control.  The good Read more.
Is Your Diaper Bag Winter Ready?

5 items to combat the most common winter problems.

Winter is upon us, which means mama needs to update her bag of tricks to ensure baby stays happy and healthy during the cold winter months.  Here are our must-haves: Read more.
Keep Baby’s Skin Happy This Winter
Winter is upon us, and for all the beauty and energy this season possesses, it does have a dark side—dry, winter skin.  Keep baby’s skin happy can be a challenge Read more.
The Case for Healthier Tableware

It's time to ditch the plastic.

There are endless reasons why mankind needs to cut down on plastic use (you know, the whole future of the planet sort of depends on it thing) but let’s keep Read more.
What’s Happening While I Wait For My Mammogram Results?

Guest written by Heather Frimmer, M.D., radiologist and author, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

You are sitting in the waiting room for your annual mammogram, praying your name will be the next one called. You are certainly not looking forward to the pain, but Read more.
Tending To Tiny Teeth

An age-and-stage guide for brushing your babe's chops

There’s not much about tiny teeth that is at all pleasing–the teething pain, the nipple biting, the chewing on expensive, pre-baby furniture, and, of course, the brushing.  Every parent has Read more.
These Aren’t Your Mom’s Nursing Bras

There's no law that says nursing bras need to be frumpy. We checked.

Nursing bras have come a long way in recent years. Gone are the days of less-than-attractive, too much fabric, starchy-feeling, beige nursing bras. Today’s options offer all-day comfort, style, and Read more.