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Is There An Optimal Breastfeeding Diet? Yes. But It’s More About You Than Your Baby.
There’s no Googler quite like a new mom Googler (that’s a verb now, right?)…especially one who is breastfeeding.  But with the endless questions we seem to ponder–should I stop eating Read more.
StrollerTraffic Round Up: Natural Products For Baby

Expo West: We came. We saw. We are excited about these brands.

We love a good trade show here at StrollerTraffic. It’s like a one-day crash course on what’s new and exciting from brands we know and some we don’t. Earlier this Read more.
Spring Forward and Your Baby’s Sleep: 5 Steps for Mastering Daylight Savings 

Your game plan, straight from a sleep expert.

Guest written by Carolynne J. Harvey – Sleep Expert, Author of “Dream Baby Nights©” & Founder of Dream Baby Sleep® You know you’re a parent when you start thinking (or worrying) Read more.
The Future of Postpartum Recovery Has Arrived
Anyone that has grown (and subsequently birthed and cared for) a human knows that recovering involves far, far more than trying to reach a healthy weight.  Incontinence, back/neck/shoulder pain, and Read more.
Breast To Bottle (And Back Again)

An expert guide to bottle feeding breastmilk.

Sponsored by nanobébé. The breast-and-bottle relationship can really go a few different ways.  At worst, it’s an oil-and-water type scenario, and at best, the two feeding methods have a Jobs and Read more.
When To Give Up On Breastfeeding

Here's how to know it's time to let go.

Guest written and originally published by Maggie Zapp, founder of Motherly Love. Every loving parent wants their child to grow up healthy and whole and strong and emotionally stable. But Read more.
Forgotten Baby Syndrome Is On The Rise

Three things every parent must know.

Guest Written By Michael Braunold, CEO of Elepho, creator of eClip Most parents assume they would never accidently forget their child in a car. Unfortunately, even the most loving parents Read more.
How To Create A Vitamin Regimen To Suit Your Needs
If we had to choose a word to describe how we’ve felt in the post-holiday, height-of-cabin-fever-and-cold-and-flu-season craze that is January, it’s depleted—and chances are we aren’t alone in this.  As Read more.
When Baby Met CBD Hemp Oil

A beloved baby and mama brand is using the ingredient. We asked all the questions.

Just a couple of days ago, the popular (and trusted) organic skincare line, Wash with Water, announced the release of their CBD Hemp Oil Collection for both moms AND babies. Read more.
Food Allergies In Babies: What They Are…And What They Aren’t.

Short answer: leave the diagnosing to the experts.

Let’s paint a picture: mom breastfeeds baby.  Baby spits up and seems a little fussier than normal for the next hour.  Mom decides to give up dairy, caffeine, and broccoli.  Read more.