Behavior + Development

Keep These 6 Things in Mind When Choosing a Day Care
Many parents start to look for childcare as soon as they know they’re expecting. They often consider cost and location first, since they are easy to determine and help to Read more.
Your Most Important Chat Of The Day
Talking to infants is critical for language development, but it’s a topic that’s generally not covered in early pediatric visits. We turned to Hamptons-based speech therapist Elise Duryea for an in-depth Read more.
No More Diapers
BottomZz Up, a new potty training system invented by SoCal mom Lynn Tilker, lets kids feel the discomfort of having wet underwear—minus the mess. The soft, unisex cotton undies have Read more.
Let’s Talk, Baby
Every child’s speech develops at his or her own pace, but there are universal tactics that can encourage the process along. We chatted with Hamptons-based speech therapist Elise Duryea, who’s Read more.
It’s Never Too Soon To Learn STEM
It’s a buzzword for school-aged kids, but developing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and STEAM (includes Art, too) skills can start way before that. We chatted with Eli Gurock, Read more.
Ditch The Swaddle (And Still Get A Good Night’s Rest)
The thing about swaddling is it reaches an end point—usually when a baby learns to roll over, or is consistently kicking his way out. (And almost always right when you Read more.
Elbows Off The Table, Kids
If your kids’ behavior at Thursday’s Thanksgiving festivities left some, um, room for improvement, fear not. They’ll learn. You’ll teach them. We’ve got a plan. Faye de Muyshondt is the Read more.
Fostering The Big Sibling-New Baby Bond
A new baby is a huge deal for the whole family. In the interest of a peaceful start to the new family dynamic, we sough advice from parenting coach and Read more.
From Crib To Big Kid Bed
Leaving the crib behind is a major milestone of the toddler years. In the interest of a seamless (or, somewhat seamless) move, we turned to developmental expert Dr. Aliza Pressman Read more.