Behavior + Development

The FAQs of Newborn Screening

What you need to know about baby's first test.

After a baby is born, and even before leaving the hospital or birthing center, he or she will undergo newborn health screening. The screening is simple, takes a moment to Read more.
Keep Your Toddler Sleeping Well With A New Baby In The House

Tips for getting through the night (and naps).

By Renee Wasserman, PT, MPH Are you pregnant and worried your new bundle of joy will wreak havoc on the healthy sleep habits you have finally established for your toddler? Read more.
Every Parent Should Read A Book On Tantrums. Here’s Why.

Plus, expert tips on preventing, diffusing (or at least surviving!) a tantrum

Tantrums are an inevitable part of toddler-rearing.  Stressful, frustrating, occasionally embarrassing, and at their very worst can really make you question what you’re doing as a parent.  We’ve read countless Read more.
Becoming A Parent Changes Everything

Lessons learned from a cult survivor.

Guest written by Lisa Kohn, author of To the Moon and Back: A Childhood Under the Influence That may seem like an obvious statement, but many of us don’t contemplate Read more.
It’s Time To Fall Back: Sunday, November 4, 2018!

Help baby adjust with these sleep survival strategies.

Guest written by Renee Wasserman, PT, MPH, founder of SleepyHead Solutions The end of Daylight Saving Time (DST) is here! It is hard to believe that the days of long, Read more.
Teaching Your Tot About Money

It's easier (and more natural) than you might think.

Aim high, dream big, try everything, be anything. Sort of the central message of modern parenting, right? Raising your kid to see the world as his oyster may be a Read more.
More Than A Mess

Kid Made Modern's Creative Director Makes A Case For More Open-Ended Crafting

There are many ways creativity enters in the picture in the first year (who knew a baby wipe could do so many things) but when it comes to fostering creativity Read more.