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Sunburned Scalps Seriously Suck.
Any City, USA. Leave it to Pink Chicken to design a super chic (and nothing like Speedo) swim cap for babies. $20 at Read more.
Father’s Day Tip: You Can’t Go Wrong With Smythson.
Any City, USA. "Superdad" and "Golf Notes" notebooks are $65 and $69 respectively, at Read more.
Insanely Cute Ballet Flats For Toddlers.
Any City, USA. Zid Zid's ballet flats evoke Audrey herself. Good luck picking out just one pair. $18-$38, at Read more.
Naples-Style Pizza . . . In D.C.?!
Washington, D.C. Italy's wildy popular Fratelli La Bufala pizzaria just opened a branch in Georgetown—with a chic, kid-friendly space and the best pizza outside of NYC. No joke. Read more.
Me, Me, Me
We happen to love the egomaniacal side of birthday parties. As far as we’re concerned, the more places you can print, stamp, stick, or otherwise emblazon your kid’s name, the Read more.
Understated Diaper Bags For Understated Times.
Any City, USA. The brand-new line of Momma Couture bags are insulated, stain-resistant, wipable, and compartmentalized. Oh, and super cute. Prices range from $55 to $240; available starting in July Read more.
Baby Snacks That Won’t Require The Heimlich Maneuver.
Any City, USA. Hot Kid's Baby Mum Mum rice rusks (a.k.a. teething biscuits) melt in the mouths of babes. Seriously. Get 'em by the case, at Read more.
Baby Einstein For Tree-Huggers.
Any City, USA. The Zen Baby DVDs mezmerize infants and toddlers with images of nature set to chill-out tunes. Peace out. Read more.
Matching Bedding Sets Are For People With No Creativity.
Any City, USA. Serena & Lily's new "Mix 'n Match" bedding collections let you (and your toddler) customize your own big-kid bed set. Read more.
It Might Not Win “Best Adapted Screenplay,” But . . .
Any City, USA. Kid-lit fave, "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs," is being released as a movie on September 19. Mr. T as Earl Devereaux? Nice. Watch the trailer on Read more.