Nobody solves a problem quite like a mom.  In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re shouting out some of favorites, who are changing the motherhood game for the better:

ezpz, founded by Lindsey Laurain
It started with bowls taped to her twin boys’ highchairs and a comment from her husband that someone needed to invent tableware that kids couldn’t throw.  Six months later, Lindsey Laurain launched ezpz, quit her corporate job, and there’s been no stopping her since.  The why-didn’t-I-think-of-that line of tableware now includes an entire suite of silicone goods (most recently cups and spoons!) for mealtime and craft time. 

Bumpin Blends, founded by Lisa Mastela
Lisa’s story starts with 10 stitches in her finger (carrot chopping incident) and an entire bag of chia seeds that ended up on the floor (we’re pretty sure she’s still finding them) while on her quest to create superfood smoothies to fuel her pregnancy.  Bumpin’ Blends was born from the idea that pregnant and postpartum women need access to nourishing foods to help us thrive (read: battle those pregnancy symptoms) during this season of life.  Mamas can customize their smoothie delivery by choosing from Bumpin Blends list–and we mean LIST–of blends to battle each and every symptom.  Your selections show up at your door every two weeks, frozen and ready to blend with just a cup or so of liquid. Our favorite? Feeling Peachy, which subdued a case of the hangries better than any box of JoJo’s ever could. 

Monti Kids, founded by Zahra Kassam
A Harvard-educated teacher with a Montessori certification becomes a mom.  The result? Monti Kids, a Montessori-based toy subscription service that has redesigned the entire infant-toddler Montessori curriculum to be accessible to parents and safety certified for babies.  Every 3 months a box of developmentally-appropriate toys arrives at your door and an email with short videos and guides to explain the relevant research to your inbox.  Founder Zahra Kassam has created a program that gives parents access to a Montessori-based curriculum they can do at home, during the first 1,000 days of life—the most critical time of brain development. After a recent Shark Tank appearance (that resulted in a deal!) it’s safe to say Monti Kids is changing the early childhood development game…and grabbing the world’s attention.

Fresh Belliesfounded by Saskia Sorrosa
Saskia started Fresh Bellies with a simple idea: when babies eat fruit, they should taste fruit.  When babies eat veggies, they should taste veggies.  Noticing an obvious void of savory–or at least veggie-only–baby food on the shelves of most stores, this NBA-marketing-exec- turned-savory-food-crusader started Fresh Bellies, a line of purees and snacks that swap the sugar and salt for herbs and spices. With names like “Cauliflower Dreamin'” and “Keep Calm and Cardamom”, who wouldn’t be excited to get some veggies on their plate?



LOULOU Lollipop, founded by twin sisters Angel Kho and Eleanor Lee
It started with a lost job and some broken necklaces (courtesy of Eleanor’s seven-month-old) and ended with these sisters launching LouLou Lollipop with an assortment of silicone teething products and muslin baby goods in designs that are equal parts fun and functional, whimsy and chic. The brand’s teething products solve an age-old problem in style, and the muslin swaddles will make you rethink everything you think you know about style.  What started as a home-based business selling silicone necklaces on Etsy is now a full-fledged lifestyle brand, found in 800+ specialty stores.

Credit: Emmy Lowe Photography

Rose & Rex, founded by Allison Klien
Early childhood expert and UES mom Allison Klein has set a new standard in curated shopping with Rose & Rex.  The goop-featured shop is full of whimsy goods and toys that promote imaginative play and inspiring content to do the same.  Plus, Rose & Rex gives back to like-minded nonprofit organizations with each purchase.