When registered dietician Lisa Mastela was pregnant, she found smoothies a great way to get in all the nutrients both she and her baby needed.  But after 10 stitches from chopping carrots, a countertop stained with wild blueberries, and an entire bag of chia seeds spilling all over the floor (we shudder at the thought), Lisa quickly learned there was a dark side to all that food prep that goes along with regular smoothie consumption.  Not to mention how important it was that all of her mixing and measuring resulted in an out-of-this-world flavor when all she really wanted to eat was mac ‘n cheese and mint chip ice cream.

Her solution? Bumpin Blends.  The brand offers custom superfood smoothie blends based on your individual symptoms and needs, delivered straight to your door.  No chopping, prepping, or measuring–just add the frozen smoothie cubes to your blender with a little liquid and enjoy.  Even better? As  soon as you order, a nutritionist will text you to gather all relevant deets (your due date or baby’s age and taste preferences) to be sure your smoothies are a perfect fit.

As a mother and now CEO to a fast-growing company, we knew Lisa had a few things in her arsenal to help her get through her days.  And we had her spill it all (pun intended):

A Bumpin Blends subscription: Bumpin Blends smoothies make me feel balanced, energized, and healthy throughout the day, and they are so easy to make (seriously take me about 20 seconds including clean up time!). Plus, they’re delivered every other week without having to think about it and tailored to my specific health needs. My Bumpin Blends nutritionist is also so important to my self-care, as she makes me feel really supported in terms of my wellness goals.

Kora Organics Noni Oil + Rose Quartz Gua Sha: I (try to) wake up around 15 minutes before my family does, which gives me some time to drink water, brush my teeth, wash my face, and apply face oil. It’s such a simple way to give me a few minutes of relaxing self-love before the day gets going. This oil smells amazing and makes me feel like I’m having a full-on spa day before 7am.

My favorite mug + BB cookies: No matter how crazy my day gets, I take a break at some point in the afternoon for tea and a cookie. I usually make a matcha soy milk latte and have a Bumpin Blends cookie, then sit outside or by a window to enjoy them peacefully with a book or my own thoughts for 10 minutes. If I’m lucky it’ll align with my daughter being home and playing, in which case I play with her and make her a mini decaf tea and cookie too!

Bumpin Blends cubes: Teething, man! I try to find the most natural remedies possible for my daughter’s teething pain, and luckily Bumpin Blends cubes work great! I always save a cube out of my morning smoothie blend for her to suck on later when her teeth are bothering her. Her favorite flavors are Cookie Dough and Green Mango!

Water wipes: Obviously as moms we always have wipes, but my life completely changed when I put in the effort to ensure that there are always wipes everywhere. The car, the bathroom, my nightstand, the kitchen, and so on. I used to scramble to get a wipe out of the diaper bag, but now that they are hidden across our home and cars, everything is cleaner and calmer.

Bumkins Smock: As a nutritionist, it’s really important to me to raise my daughter with strong and healthy eating habits. I did baby-led weaning with her and allow her to completely run the show when it comes to her eating. I also encourage her to get messy and play outside in our garden. I just throw on this smock, she gets unimaginably dirty, then I toss it in the washing machine. Her clothes are saved!

Atomic Habits: I’ve read and reread this book many times and I am constantly working on building strong habits in my CEO-life and personal life. Of the books I’ve read on the topic, this one has the most tangible, realistic, and approachable advice for creating the habits that will support you to create the lifestyle you want for yourself.  

Things app: I can feel quite scatter-brained as a mom-CEO. I’ll be in a meeting when I remember we need to order diapers and mouthwash, or I’ll be putting my daughter down when I get an idea for a new smoothie flavor. Things gives me an outlet to “toss” all those random thoughts throughout the day, then before bed I organize them into my various to do lists for the week.  

Instagram: Being able to interact with our customers and see them enjoy our products absolutely fuels me. It is my favorite part of my work by far and truly inspires me, so I’m very grateful for this app for allowing me to see their experiences and connect with them on a personal level. On a personal note, it’s also where I keep a virtual baby book for my daughter so I can organize videos and photos of her growing up.

Saje Wellness Essential oils and a mist bottle: Balancing work, motherhood, and my relationship is all about compartmentalization for me. Once I’m done with my work for the day, I have a routine to “switch” to mom mode, then after putting my daughter down I have a routine to “switch” to wife mode. This greatly involves essential oil mists, which completely set the mood and tone. After C goes down, I mist lavender and tea tree essential oils through the house which sort of signifies that it’s our time to relax together and unwind from the day.

Sum, 40 Tales from the Afterlives: This book is really fun and interesting to read together. When my husband and I get in bed, one of us reads a chapter of this book out loud and then we talk about it. Each chapter is about a 5 minute read, and is a real conversation starter. We’ve probably read it 20+ times over the years!

Sonos: My husband and I love music, and one way we connect is dancing and singing together. Being able to blast music throughout the house as we get ready for the day gives us the ability to turn seemingly boring moments (making eggs, getting dressed, packing lunch…) into fun dance parties. This really means a lot when we both work and only have a few hours of the day together.

Lisa Mastela, MPH, RD is a wellness expert and the founder of Bumpin Blends. She is also a mom to her daughter, Caroline Marie. Lisa’s mission is to support moms from pregnancy through motherhood with pre-blended superfood smoothie cubes and lactation cookies, so they can spend less time worrying about nutrition and more time enjoying being a mom.