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Bath, book, lullaby, bed.  Pretty solid routine you have there, but have you checked the humidity level in your nursery lately?  Cue the collective hmmm.  A successful sleep routine is usually a constellation of elements unique to your baby, but figuring out how the stars align for your little one can be a challenge.  Singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (three times) and squatting with baby in your arms (double pump at the bottom) might not always do the trick—so in the spirit of sharing, here are three scientifically backed, expert-approved elements to add to your bedtime routine that could have real results…besides your toned quads.

Humidifier.  Newborns breathe through their nose for the first 4-6 months, which allows them to keep their mouths available for sucking and eating.  While this is entirely on brand for a hungry newborn, there is an unfortunate side effect of this always-ready-for-a-drink routine—mouth breathing means that tiny noses can get clogged, quickly.  Enter the tried-and-true humidifier. Using a humidifier means your baby will have an easier time breathing, which means an easier time feeding and sleeping, too. How, you ask? Humidifiers add moisture to the air, helping to clear congestion.  Added bonus: newborns lose moisture in their skin twice as fast as adults, and humidifiers help newborns retain that moisture to keep skin soft.

When it comes to selecting a humidifier, Crane has a loyal parent following for good reason.  The brand understands the needs of baby and the adult in charge of making sure the device doesn’t get funked with gunk: their humidifiers are whisper quiet (no wake-ups here), made of BPA-free plastic, do not require a filter, and use a Clean Control anti-microbial material in the base to fight off bacteria and mold growth.  Design snobs will love the oh-so-chic Drop, and for those looking for something more whimsical, the Adorables line fits the bill.

Massage OilStudies have shown that infant massage can lead to more sleep and less crying (and not to mention, it’s the ultimate parent-baby bonding tool). And you don’t need to enroll in night classes to master the technique—a few minutes of light stroking and kneading on each body part (arms, legs, shoulders, back, head, hands and feet) should do the trick.  Insider tip: using massage oil will help lessen the friction between your hands and your baby’s skin. Be sure the oil is odorless and edible, like this calendula-infused oil.

Weighted Swaddle. As we’ve already established, your touch goes a long way to making your baby calm, comforted, and ready for sleep.  A weighted swaddle features lightly weighted pads that extend the pressure of your touch, which can lead to longer and better sleep.

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