In partnership with Sprout Foods.

Mom/Dad: *places dinner on the table*
Kids, collectively: “I hate <<insert literally any vegetable here>>.”

Like most parents, we struggle with getting our two boys to eat healthy balanced diets that include protein, healthy grains, fruits, and vegetables. When time and creativity allow, we can usually sneak or hide vegetables in their meals. Sometimes, though, convenience needs to win and some days, handing my kids a pouch from Sprout Foods is the only way they are getting something healthy into their bodies. (I know you feel my pain.)

My kids love Sprout pouches because they taste good and there are so many flavors to choose from, so they are always trying something new and delicious! As a kid, does it get any better than that?

I love them because they contain nothing artificial are made with clean ingredients that you’d find in our own kitchen, like whole fruits, vegetables, and grains. I feel good about handing them over to my kids as a snack or a mealtime treat because they are hearty and healthy and provide essential nutrients like protein and fiber.

Sprout Foods has perfected the balance between healthy and nutritious, and delicious. Using only ingredients from certified-organic growers, they can make delicious tasting foods that are convenient for any age. Both of my boys started with their Stage 1 foods and moved up through their various stages and snack finger foods. Now, as a toddler and preschooler, they down a Smoothie pouch like it’s nobody’s business.

Here are some fun ways to use Sprout products in your home.

✔ Potty training treats. Healthy, mom-and-toddler-approved potty-training snacks? Whaaaat! My son loves Sprout’s White Cheddar Curlz when he has a successful potty-training day. (I love them as a nap-time treat. Shhhhh!)
✔ Cure hangry symptoms my youngest wakes up with. I literally hand my 2-year-old a Sprout Power Pak™ pouch as he’s coming down the stairs from his nap. He gets something in his belly and the hangry monster turns back into my sweet angel.
✔ Breakfast back up. There are so many mornings my kids don’t finish their breakfast because they’re giggling, messing around, arguing with each other, etc. Grabbing a Smoothie pouch for them to eat on the way to school makes me feel better about them fueling their bodies for the day. They’re packed with protein and fiber that keeps them feeling full!

Sprout Foods has an entire line of food for children of all ages, which we were honored to feature at five StrollerTraffic Live events in February. We love all of Sprouts products, from their purees to their snacks. In fact, even *I* snack on the sweet potato and cinnamon Curlz because they remind me of the delicious (sugar-filled) cinnamon crunch cereal I loved as a kid.

Try them out for yourself using these special offers from Sprout Foods.