There’s a reason self-care has become a buzzword in the motherhood space, and that reason is motherhood is hard and we aren’t very good at prioritizing ourselves.  But thankfully the year is 2019 and making sure mama’s cup is full has never been easier.  Here are our picks for set-it-and-forget-it monthly subscriptions to take care of yourself, so you can better take care of your brood.

EltaMD UV Elements Tinted Broad-Spectrum SPF 44, $28.90/ month with subscription:  You might not remember the last time you washed your hair, and perhaps you’re on day 3 of those yoga pants–that’s cool, but please don’t forget your SPF. We haven’t met a dermatologist who doesn’t rave about EltaMD’s formula, and the tinted variety was just featured on Poosh (the lastest Kardashian venture), if you’re into that sort of thing.
Sakara, weekly meal plans vary
Whether you need a little boost for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner, Sakara’s plant-based meals are packed with the nutrients you need to take on your day. We love that their subscription model lets you completely customize the meals and frequency (we’re the lunches 5 days a week type) and we have yet to be disappointed in a dish.
Toothpaste, deodorant (and yes, it actually works!), and body wash in heavenly scent combos with a squeaky clean ingredient list.  Set up a subscription and not only will you save, you’ll never find yourself running to the drugstore for products with a wtf-is-that-word ingredient list.  Did we mention free shipping and returns?
P.S. Not subscription-based, but wildly fun: answer a few questions and the Native team will blend a custom scented deodorant based on your answers.
Daily Harvest, $6.99/cup with monthly subscription
Ever peek in the fridge to find half a burger from last weekend’s dinner out,  a case of drinkable yogurts and 3 containers of hummus? #beenthere. Daily Harvest’s subscription allows customers to choose from smoothies, soups, and 3 different kinds of bowls (harvest, chia, and oat) to keep a host of nutrient-dense meals at our fingertips.  Plus, plan management is super easy with the brand app.
Baze personalized vitamins, $99 starter kit and $20/month personalized vitamin subscription
Baze delivers a painless (trust, we tried it) blood test to measure your current nutrient levels and develops a customized vitamin regimen based on your deficiencies.  Your first month of vitamins comes with the kit and cost  $20 a month thereafter.  To keep your regimen truly personalized, Baze will test your levels every quarter ($99) and adjust accordingly.
Expectful, $9.99/month after a two-week free trial
Stop, drop and meditate anywhere with this app is designed specifically for fertility, pregnancy, and motherhood.  Get all the good meditation juju (think balanced hormones, decreased stress, better sleep) in all stages of your journey.  For each subscription purchased, Expectful gives on to a mother in need.
Every Mother is the only workout program scientifically proven to resolve diastis recti.  Choose a program based on the phase you’re in (Prepare for each trimester, Reclaim for postpartum recovery, and Surpass for ongoing work) and build your core in simple, targeted workouts at home.