We love a good trade show here at StrollerTraffic. It’s like a one-day crash course on what’s new and exciting from brands we know and some we don’t.

Earlier this month, one of our team members headed out to the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California, and brought back all the deets on the brands and products hitting shelves for baby in the natural space.

PURE BABY by Skinny & Co.: Did you know that traditional baby oil is a by-product of the crude oil refining process? Your baby deserves better than that. Treat your little one to a natural, safe solution to a number of skin irritations with their gentle coconut oil, and keep the artificial stuff away.

WELLEMENTS was created by parents, for parents. The line of organic baby products includes vitamin drops, gripe water for both day and night, probiotic waters, tooth oil, chest rubs, and more. Wellements is committed to making products for your little one that are certified organic and preservative-free. And what’s really great, is they are never bottled in plastic, which is better for your baby and the planet they’ll grow up on.

HEALTHY TIMES is launching a new organic line of teethers! These revolutionary curved shapes are easy for baby to grab and hold. They mimic the shape of a finger (which we all know babies like to suck on) while featuring a rigid exterior designed to help stimulate and sooth gums without any added sugars, allowing baby’s palate to develop naturally.

SPROUT: Although they are not new to the StrollerTraffic readers, their new Oven Baked Waffle Snack for toddlers are made with only Whole Grains & Real Fruits and Veggies, providing a healthy, wholesome snack for your little one.

YUMMY SPOONFULS: This brand is dedicated to providing a high quality toddler food and is founded by a mom with the sole mission of creating an option that’s healthy, balanced and good for your little one. Agatha Achindu grew up as a farmer’s daughter in Cameroon, West Africa. She only ate fresh organic food grown in her family’s gardens or purchased from local markets. When she came to the US, she brought this heritage with her.

DAPPLE BABY: Have you ever noticed the film on the nipples of bottles after cleaning them? No matter how long they soak in water or how many times they’re ran through the dishwasher, there’s still a film. Dapple Baby is changing all of that. With their plant based line of cleaners, bottle film is no longer an issue.

BEECH NUT: With Beech Nut, you’ll find cereals, jars, pouches, or toddler snacks for your little one’s age and preferences — it’s real food for babies and toddlers. The taste is spot-on, health factors are top-line, and the price point is a good one.

TIDY TOTS DIAPERS: Tidy Tots Diapers give parents that cloth diaper less hassle and a more sanitary experience than the traditional method. Just flush away the mess. They’re made with an organic hemp blend intended for overnight even for the heaviest wetters. Covers are cute, comfy, and high tech too. Super deep gussets create a wall of protection to keep messes contained and the SmartRise provides self-adjusting rise for the just-perfect fit every day!

WHITE LEAF PROVISIONS: White Leaf Provisions offers parents and babies with an organic line of baby food pouches and applesauce. Featuring a variety of flavors, they are dedicated to making products without harming the planet that our kids will inherit.

As you continue to provide the best for your little bundles, rest assured knowing that there are companies out there doing the exact same.