When Mimi Chan’s daughter Liv was born, the gifts poured in…piled up.  Many items went used and donated (sound familiar?), and she couldn’t shake the feeling that so much money and resources had gone to waste, all the while parents are struggling to save and keep up with the cost of raising a child.  She knew that both gifting and saving needed to be caught up to speed with modern day parenting, and that our tendency for hyper-consumption, ultimately, isn’t serving our children or our goals.

And so began LittleFund, a gifting and savings platform that allows parents, family, and friends to contribute to targeted savings for your child—for travel, college, or other experiences. LittleFund’s mission is to provide a way to contribute to a child’s life to instill values and create experiences, not clutter. Setting up an account takes minutes, and it’s easy to share, access, and manage.   Cue the “why didn’t I think of that?” moment.

Mimi recently had her second child (congrats!), and we were lucky enough to snag a few moments of her time to get the inside scoop on what’s getting her through the day: 

  1. Willow Pump: Willow is for every mom but especially for working mamas. It allows me to pump effortlessly anywhere and anytime without 85% if the misery that comes with pumping.
  2. Lean Legs Program: This is my postpartum workout program. After seeing the results from my friend, I felt more encouraged and motivated than ever to zip my jeans up again.
  3. Matcha green tea powder: It’s a great coffee replacement and the best part is that I can have it anytime of the day. I make mine water based by whisking the green tea powder with hot water then adding a few splashes of oat milk and honey.
  4. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: Even my husband loves this series!
  5. Dropbox Paper: One of my favorite work tools I use for writing, collaborating, brainstorming, and organizing.
  6. Joy album: Seeing our memories pop up in the Joy Album has been so delightful but even more delightful is seeing my oldest daughter Liv light up as she gazes at it daily and asking us questions about the photos or videos.
  7. Ember mug: I once said out loud, I’d love to have a mug that can warm itself because I hate when my tea goes lukewarm! See why it matters to tell the universe what you want?
  8. Hatch Baby Rest: There wasn’t much I needed for baby 2, Ivy, since we had saved a lot of the gear and clothes from Liv, but this was one of the few new things I did get. It beautiful night light with multiple color and sound options for the girls’ room.
  9. Geese and Ganders: Geese and Ganders’ options for party decor made it easy for me to plan a requested dinosaur party (chic of course) for my soon-to-be 4 year old.
  10. Littlefund: This is how I do all of my gifting on birthdays and holidays! I save so much time and love that I’m helping parents help their children achieve their dreams.

Thanks, Mimi!