Sophie Jaffe is a Los Angeles-based health and wellness expert and the founder of Philosophie, a superfood company that offers products and cleanses made of whole, live, nutrient-rich foods.  She’s also mom of 3, including two boys and a new baby girl, Noa.  Sophie’s Instagram feed is enough to make anyone believe true happiness is real; Sophie is equal parts candid and inspiring, never one to sugarcoat (take a listen to her podcast) while finding the beauty in, quite literally, everything.

We launched this new series, The SURVIVAList, to get an inside look at the products, routines, books, podcasts, foods, and rituals are helping our most favorite mamas get by.  We’re kicking it off with Sophie and could not be more thrilled.  We’ll let her take it from here:

As a wife, entrepreneur, wellness influencer and mindful + active mama of three, life can get pretty crazy, to say the least. Without my crazy awesome support system of beautiful humans that surround me on a daily basis AND my day-to-day must haves I honestly could not make it through a single day.

I’m not afraid to depend on things that make my life 10x easier. If it works then it works! I’ve been able to tap so deeply into my intuition that I immediately know what is enhancing my life or was is hindering it. These are the most dependable products and apps that keep me grounded, centered and balanced. 

I’m so honored to be a mama to the newest addition to our family, Noa. Our perfect little babe has taught me so much and I still can’t believe that she’s here. Showing her what this life is all about and giving her all she needs so she grows up happy, healthy and inspired is my greatest joy. Though I couldn’t get by without a bit of help!!

Luludew Diapers + Wipes: Eco-friendly reusable diapers + wipes, plus a service that picks up dirty diapers and delivers clean ones for you!! 

Sakura Bloom: Artisan slings and carriers made from a variety of materials that fit not only your baby’s comfort, but yours too!

Willow Pump: If you’re breastfeeding, this makes it so easy to pump anywhere and everywhere. No joke.

Amidst the chaos I meet on a daily basis I always take the time to care for my needs and my personal growth. If my not feeling 100% then I’m not showing up to everything I do. In order to give my best for my business and my family then I need to give myself all the love and attention I need. 

Philosophie: Honestly could not survive without superfoods and it’s so easy to add either the protein blend, coconut butter or superfood honey to whatever I’m eating or drinking. Use promo code “philosophieLove” for 10% off all Philosophie products!

Chrysalis Water + Oils: The easiest and most refreshing way to drop in throughout the day and feel rejuvenated. Spritz + spray all over!

Joyologist: This is the most inspiring and confidence-boosting card deck to start your day off strong. Get 20% with promo code “philosophielove”.

If I’m not with my kiddos, hubby or friends then I’m giving my all to my business and career. Philosophie wouldn’t be what it is today without the people in my team who are like family and the apps and products that make my life easier to navigate.

Instagram: This social app has truly transformed my career for both Philosophie (@philosophielove) and my personal page (@sophie.jaffe) in inspiring others to connect mindfully + intuitively to the way they nourish their mind, body, and soul.

Podcasts: Podcasts allow you to hear from real people tell their authentic truth! My husband and I have our own podcast (IGNTD) that has given us the space to grow closer + stronger as a partnership and meet truly inspirational people.

The Book of Awakening: This book by Mark Nepo provides constant inspiration and is something I read from almost every morning to set my day up for success.

I have two boys and life with them is amazing, energizing, inspiring and messy. I’m so proud to be their mom and there’s never a moment they’re not teaching and showing me the innocent beauty that life can encompass. In order to stay present with them, I need these absolute musts to make life run as smooth as it can.

Planet Box: The coolest, reusable lunch boxes that make it so easy to pack healthy lunches for my boys and give them some fresh style on their way to school.

Kango App: A lifesaver in helping with picking up the kids from school or taking them to a casting or extra-curricular activity.