Love is in the air! With Valentine’s Day upon us, make the day sweet with a gift that’s equal parts festive and practical.  Here are our picks:


Sprout San Francisco Heart Magnetic Wood Train, $5.95Start a love train.  Literally.

Vans Toddler Fur Heart Slip On, $40: All the fuzzy hearts, all the time.  And no gift is more practical than shoes, right?

Gap Love Saves The Day tee, $19.95:  The world doesn’t need another adorable toddler in a “heartbreaker” tee.  This take on the Valentine’s graphic tee is sweet and refreshing.

Love Is, $16:  A little girl and duckling share a year together, and as they grow they learn that loving is just as much about letting go as it is holding tight.  Cue the sob.

Hanna Andersson Be Loved Sweatshirt, $44:  Gets right to the point.  (In the most adorable way, of course.)


Moccis Warm Heart Moccasin, $45: Because February is for love..and slippers.

Honest Forever Yours Diapers, $10.95:  There’s a good chance you’ll see your little love in a diaper more than anything else on Valentine’s Day, so make it festive.

Hazel Village Gift Bundle, $102: There’s no better gift that friendship, is there? This new bestie, complete with matching outfit, is totally worth the splurge.

Copper Pearl Knit Swaddle Blanket in Lucy, $24.95: The perfect swaddle for your Valentine’s babe.  And trust us: it’ll be your go-to long after the candy hearts have vanished from the cabinet.
Itzy Ritzy Snack Happens Reusable Bag, $9.99: Pack her favorite snack in this sweet reusable bag, have a Valentine for  life.