For many of us, pre-baby New Year’s Eve plans consisted of  party dresses, high heels, friends, champagne, and counting down from ten as the ball dropped. Enter baby… and things change just a bit, but that doesn’t mean the night can’t still be a memorable one. We asked our StrollerTraffic family and friends how they rang in the new year or celebrated in the past while rocking a bump or rocking a baby. Here’s what they had to say:

Celebrate early with a toast (maybe use a Netflix countdown) and then go to bed early!
–JoBeth B

Noon year is fun… celebrating earlier in the day. (We love this kid-friendly idea!)
–Joyce E

I have 5… I vote for sleep.
–Jennifer F

We watched the ball drop from bed with tiny babe sleeping near by.
–Robbie S

My son was born two weeks early on New Year’s Day! We went to dinner on New Year’s Eve and my older son slept through the entire dinner. That never happened so I feel like it was the calm before the storm! After dinner we went home and I made everyone go to bed at 8! 😂 My husband and son slept, and I counted contractions all night.
–Jourdan C

When we had a little one (who had a rough time sleeping) we would hang out in bed with a mini bottle of champagne and a mini cheese plate, and it was lights out by 12:15 am. We still felt like we celebrated and still got some sleep, too!
–Heidi R, StrollerTraffic National Account Exec
I have two January babies, so I wasn’t going anywhere on NYE when I was pregnant, except to the bathroom. A lot. At 37 weeks pregnant with my first, we started a new tradition: cook an extra-fancy dinner together, indulge in too much dessert, and write letters about the hopes we have for one another other in the coming year. We wait until the following NYE to read them.

–Lindsey R, StrollerTraffic Associate Editor

With my first pregnancy, I was feeling pretty great so we rang in the new year like we had every other year before – minus the champagne for me. I regretted my shoe choice by the end of the night, but love looking back on the photos knowing that deep in my belly was our first baby. Fast forward to this pregnancy… I have big plans for a low-key evening with my husband. We’ll see if we make it to midnight. I’ve barely made it to 9pm lately!
–Melissa Alcorn, StrollerTraffic President

Some more ideas:

  • Expecting and know you can’t make it to midnight? Head to dinner with a few close friends. Even if they stay out after for more fun, you have a window to wish everyone a happy new year before heading home to a comfy couch or bed.
  • New baby? Nothing beats snuggling a newbie and your partner at midnight (or earlier!). Celebrate as a family for a great start to the year.
  • Chasing a toddler? Celebrate earlier in the day with a countdown, simple noise makers, and special treats. Friends with their toddlers add to the fun!
  • Older kids? Make it a PJ party! Watch a movie, order in, and see who makes it to midnight. We bet the kids fall asleep before you do!

Happy New Year from StrollerTraffic!