Winter is upon us, and for all the beauty and energy this season possesses, it does have a dark side—dry, winter skin.  Keep baby’s skin happy can be a challenge in even the most favorable of circumstances, so we sat down with master herbalist Kristy Canaday of Taspen’s Organics, who gave us her 3 tips on keeping littles skin happy during the colder months (spoiler alert: you’re going to want in on this routine for yourself, too.)

Moisturize. A lot.  Experts recommend moisturizing baby’s skin at least once a day, and more if dry skin is an issue.  If that’s the case, try twice per day or even after every diaper change.  Kristy’s go-to ingredients to look for? “Shea butter, beeswax, sunflower oil, and aloe vera,” she says.  It’s precisely what she uses in her own formula.  “[These ingredients] leave skin soft and protected,” she explains. 

Stash salve everywhere.  [Salves are] great for diaper rash, eczema, cradle cap, irritated skin, cuts and scrapes,” Kristy explains.  She formulated Taspen’s Organic Diaper Rash Salve to create “a moisture barrier, allowing the skin to regenerate and hydrate.  The creamy, non-pasty balm goes on clear and is infused with soothing and restorative calendula and chamomile flowers.” Kristy calls it her diaper bag must-have.

Swap the soap for herbs.  This one was new to us.  “Skin is our largest organ of absorption and elimination. While in the bath, baby’s pores will open and be receptive,” Kristy explains.  It is the perfect time for the skin to absorb “the essences of these healing herbs,” she continues, “as a perfect alternative to soap.”  Kristy points out that Taspen’s Relaxing Bath Herbs use natural cleansing and soothing properties of organic oats and flowers. “Together these ingredients work as anti-inflammatory agents, reducing redness and inflammation associated with diaper rash, eczema or allergens.”  The formula is gentle enough for newborns and beneficial for sensitive or compromised skin.  

Thanks, Kristy!