It started with bowls taped to her twin boys’ highchairs and a comment from her husband that someone needed to invent tableware that kids couldn’t throw.  Six months later, Lindsey Laurain launched ezpz, quit her corporate job, and there’s been no stopping her since.  

The finer details of ezpz’s journey are something out of a (hard earned) dream: ezpz is entirely self-funded, her husband works alongside her, her team is comprised of childhood friends, and the brand has an intellectual property portfolio.  She’s taken her product to Shark Tank (and refused two offers! #badass) and in 2019, ezpz will hit Target shelves.  

ezpz’s flagship product is the award-winning Happy Mat, an all-in-one placemat and plate made of food-grade silicone that completely suctions to the table.  The brand has since launched mats in various shapes and sizes to meet the needs of babies and toddlers in every stage.   This month, ezpz launched two new products: the tiny spoon and tiny cup.  Designed by a speech-language pathologist and feeding specialist, each piece is full of details to make the journey to self-feeding easier.  The spoon is two-thirds the size of an infant’s tongue with sensory bumps to encourage swallowing.  The cup’s weighted base and tactile bumps work to decrease spills, while the interior angle is just right for even flow and safe drinking.  These products round out the mealtime experience provided by the original mats, elevating ezpz to a one-stop shop tableware that is safe, functional, helpful, and fun.  

We were lucky enough to steal a few moments of Lindsey’s time during the holiday craze to get to know her a bit better:

Best piece of advice for a mom with an idea:  If you believe in the product, I say go for it! Hard work, passion and perseverance can go a long way. Surround yourself with a great team and solid experts/mentors to lean on. 

Small businesses have big stories.  What’s something you’d love for the world to know about ezpz that they won’t necessarily glean from your IG feed:  ezpz is a self-funded, female-owned small business and we have bootstrapped our way to success. Our goal is to be the innovation leader in thoughtfully designed feeding products, and we strive to make mealtime with kids less about stress and more about fun!

All of ezpz’s mat-based products feature a patented self-sealing design with an integrated mat that makes transporting, eating, cleaning and storing ezpz. Each mat is tailored to a specific age group and usage occasion.

Your absolute favorite product from your own brand: The Happy Mat. It is our flagship offering and the product that we launched when our boys were 2 (now they are 6!). We have since launched the Happy Bowl, Mini Mat, Mini Bowl, Mini Play Mat and ezpz Book (Making Mealtime ezpz). We’ve also just launched our first cup and utensil. Very exciting!

Your absolute favorite (baby/kid) product from not your brand: The NoseFrida Snotsucker. It was a secret obsession I had when the boys were young!

The most important elements in your life that allow you to create boundaries and balance a work-from-home CEO: I think we have a balance that works for our family. It has taken quite a while to achieve that balance, and it isn’t perfect, but we try to make the “nurturing” of that balance a priority. Something that helps is my fabulous support system, including my mom, my husband, my team and the occasional cleaner visit! I also try to remember that this experience is unique for my kids, too, and they are getting to see their mom’s work ethic and passion.