Here at StrollerTraffic, sharing products is a sacred act.  If we dish on something, it means we know it, we love it, we use it, and we’re ready to shout our praise from the rooftops.  In that spirit, this isn’t your usual “made in the USA” product roundup.  This is our made in the USA product roundup— the brands you’ll find in our home… the brands we know and love.

Winter Water Factory makes basics in fun, bold prints in certified organic cotton for babies and toddlers, and every item is crafted in the USA — from the fabric to the final stitch. Added bonus: take 40% off (not a typo, friends) this holiday with code PARADE.

Truth: USA-made baby gear can be hard to come by, which is just another reason Britax stands in a category all it’s own. The leader in car seat safety technology manufactures their gold-standard car seats at their factory in Fort Mill, SC.

Green Toys are 100% USA-made, but their good juju doesn’t stop there. The brand has recycled over 55 million milk jugs in the making of their award-winning toys. Plus, their packaging is made from 100% recyclable materials printed with soy ink, which biodegrades 4x faster than petroleum-based ink.  Cue all the good feels.

Re-Play’s functional, durable, bold-hued tableware is made from recycled plastics free from BPA, BPS, PVC, lead, phthalates, surface coatings, and melamine. And here’s a fun fact: their USA-made products travel approximately 940 miles from material to finished product, while most conventional plastic goods made in China travel over 12,000 miles. Take that, carbon footprint.

From baby wash formulated for sensitive skin to sunscreen for the whole family, Babo Botanicals has just about every skincare need covered. Their products are made on an organic farm in the USA from a combination of pure plant actives, naturally derived, certified organic and all-natural ingredients.

Happy Fourth, friends.  Enjoy