Does this sound familiar? Baby doesn’t sleep: mom doesn’t sleep. Baby finally sleeps: mom is still awake, checking to make sure that 1. Baby is actually sleeping. 2. Baby is actually breathing. Then, repeat steps 1 and 2 until baby wakes up. No wonder we’re so tired.

More sleep is coming your way, though, in the form of smart baby monitors. They use safe, non-invasive tech that tracks a child’s sleep patterns and lets you know baby is breathing. If there’s a problem, the system notifies you at once. Many of these monitors come with two-way audio and video screens, too. More information is always better, so here is StrollerTraffic’s can’t-miss round up of the smart baby monitors to add to your registry list. It’s time for you to get some sleep.

Raybaby smart monitors combine the newest tech with an appealing primary color design. The system features HD video and night vision, plus two-way audio so that you and baby can hear each other, which will calm him and allow you to breathe a sign of relief. Besides breathing and sleeping trackers, the customizable app determines baby’s normal patterns and combs through the data so that you’ll have a better idea of when to put baby to sleep. Cost: $229

Monbaby’s smart breathing movement monitor doesn’t use a WiFi connection. Instead it uses wearables in the form a smart button that clips right to baby’s pajamas or onesie. You’ll know if she’s flipped onto her stomach while sleeping and if there’s been no breathing movement for 15 seconds. Also, the smart button feeds all sorts of info into the system, all as baby grows, and it even has a fall detection alarm when they start walking. Cost: $99.99

The portable Snuza Hero actually responds to your baby’s breathing patterns. Easily slide and clip it onto baby’s diaper, and the motion sensor will track her movements while she sleeps. If her stomach doesn’t move for 15 seconds, the Hero will vibrate to rouse her. If the Hero detects three of those incidents, you’ll be alerted immediately.  Another Snuza product, the Pico, is a wearable monitor that uses multiple sensors to provide information to their app about movement, sleep, and baby’s temperature, while telling you if he’s lying on his back, side, or tummy. Interrupted or low breathing movement causes the Pico to vibrate—and if baby doesn’t resume regular breathing patterns—to signal you. Hero Cost: $109.99; Pico cost: $149.99

Angelcare includes an under-the-mattress wireless sensor pad that will sound an alarm from the parent monitor unit if it doesn’t sense movement after 20 seconds. Parents can zoom in with the camera or pan the room, with a crystal-clear images showing up on a portable touch-screen 5-inch monitor. Two-way talk feature and room temperature tracking can continue to be used after it’s no longer necessary to monitor breathing. Cost: $199.99

Cocoon Cam keeps you connected to a happily sleeping (or not so happily sleeping) baby with both video and breath monitoring. Just mount the Cocoon Cam to the wall, set the camera at an angle where it captures the whole crib area, and use the app to monitor breathing. The night vision HD video shows everything you want to see, so no more wondering if baby’s just fussing or really awake. If baby’s breathing changes, your phone will instantly notify you. Cost: $149.99