Organic. Eco-friendly. Sustainable. Plant-based. These buzz words are everywhere. There’s a good reason – making eco-conscious and ethically minded choices now ensures that future generations will enjoy a healthier, greener planet, free of toxins and pollutants. The trash has to go someplace, and it’s no secret that we are quickly running out of those places. Additionally, natural resources are finite. With all eyes on the Earth this week, we’re going green and sharing simple ways to incorporate environmentally-minded actions and products into baby’s world.

Take a stroll. We’re starting simple. The weather is warming up (or at least it has to soon!) making it the perfect time to set baby in the stroller and take a walk. Skip the car. Save the gas. Help the planet. Take it up a notch with an eco-friendly stroller. Greentom ranks among the best in green strollers using natural and recycled materials in their designs. Or skip the stroller and carry your little load in an Ergobaby carrier made with organic cotton.

Glass, not plastic. We initially gasped at the idea of glass bottles too (anyone else imagining a shattered bottle on the floor?), but the benefits of glass bottles greatly outweigh the potential breakage factor. With glass, you can forget about the dreaded BPA! Glass is also easier to clean and safer for heating. Still worried about dropping them? Many come with silicone outer sleeves for extra protection from breaking if they slip out of grasp.

Go green with baby food. Organic baby food is more readily available and affordable than ever. Look for brands with simple ingredients like the Happy Family line. If the label says Apples, Kales & Avocados, the ingredient list should be the same!

Choose natural skin care. We care a lot about what goes into our babies. It’s just as important to care about what goes ON our babies. Look for brands such as Weleda that use ingredients like flowers and plants from fair trade farms. The company also works hard to conserve natural resources, making them a winner in our book.

Get dirty. Toddlers have a way of finding dirt. This spring and summer, let them! Planting vegetable seeds and flowers with children can spur a love a gardening and caring for the earth at a very young age. Little hands (with little gloves on) can help pull weeds, water plants, and pick ripe fruits and veggies.

Be a mean, green cleaning machine. We all want a squeaky clean home, but that doesn’t mean we want harsh chemicals to make it happen. After all, babies put everything in their mouths. Turn to plant-based brands like Babyganics and CleanWell that are free of harsh chemicals like alcohol, but are still tough on household germs.

Teach them to recycle. Even the smallest of toddlers can begin to under the concepts of reduce-reuse-recycle. Ask little ones to help place emptied milk jugs, newspapers, and other recyclables in the recycle bin. In kid terms, explain that those items will be remade into new items instead of ending up in a big pile of trash.

Play hard the eco-friendly way. Have we mentioned that babies like to put everything in their mouths? If they can get their hands on it, into their mouth it will go.  Best to hand them toys like an organic teething ring, or let them hang out in this play gym by Lovevery, both made of natural, non-toxic materials. Give them a safe space to play with an organic plush non-toxic playmat from Nook. This mat is made of recycled water bottles!

Dress in eco-friendly duds. Trust us when we say organic does not equal boring. Many brands are jumping on the eco-friendly band wagon and the result is seriously chic looks for babies and toddlers. Don’t believe us? Check out this desert inspired dress from Noble Carriage and this jersey one-piece from goat-milk.

Diaper that bottom the sustainable way. You already knew we were going to suggest cloth diapering. It’s the easiest way to avoid filling our landfills with diapers since they are reusable and washable.  Plus, there’s no risk of coming into contact with the chemicals found in many of the non-disposable variety. But cloth diapering isn’t for everyone. When in that camp, look for diapers that are made of organic and natural materials like those from the Honest Co. There’s not a harsh chemical to be found, yet they’re still super-absorbent. And yep, there’s plant-based wipes available too.

Create an eco-friendly nursery. From cribs made of sustainable materials to chemical-free paint, plenty of options are available for designing an environmentally-friendly space for your babe. Not ready to invest in a completely green nursery? (We know, it can add up quickly.) Reach for organic swaddles like these from aden + anais or organic crib sheets like these from Pottery Barn Kids.

Read up on it. Once upon a time, there was a sweet baby who grew up learning how to care for our planet. Books like The Little Gardener by Jan Gerardi and The EARTH Book by Todd Parr make a great addition to the nursery bookshelf. Help her learn to protect the world so she may live happily ever after. That’s a story we’d love to hear over and over.

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