2018 Holiday Gift Guide


ezpz mini bowl, $17.49

Made of 100% food grade silicone and featuring a suction that keeps the mat in place (yes, seriously) ezpz's mini bowl is the perfect upgrade for mealtime.  Let fledging foodies experience the bright, bold colors of the winter harvest with the cream colored backdrop in this special holiday color.

Fagus Container Tipper Truck, $128

This heirloom-quality truck is made without nails, screws, or staples.  The beech wood pieces are hand interlocked, doweled, and glued together in a workshop for the handicapped. Push, pull, fill, and unload... for generations to come.

Appaman Unicorn Hat, $36

Make winter bundling a little more magical. Complete with horn and flowing rainbow mane, this is the hat that unicorn dreams are made of.  Available in sizes 0-6M through 2T-4T.

Rookie Humans Crib Sheet, $34.99

There is absolutely nothing more adorable than a sleeping baby. Except one that looks like he's sleeping under the sea. Give the gift of gram-worthy sleeping babe pics with this adorable upgrade.

Toki Mat, $155+

Because crash landings tend to take years off of parents' lives. This padded mat is perfect for working on those milestones, and it will be a safe, comfy space to play throughout toddlerhood.

Kateson Beehive Mobile, $58

Cheery, unique, and handmade, this mobile will add a little bit of sweet to any nursery design.

Itzy Ritzy Latte Silicone Teether, $8.99

Teething woes are no match for Itzy Ritzy's teethers.  Their easy-to-handle designs are made of food-grade silicone with the right texture to soothe sore gums and engage curious babes. Baby's first latte will be a hit.

If You Were Spaghetti, $12.99

This page-turner is full of sweet and silly text ("If you were spaghetti, I'd be a meatball!"), liftable flaps, and engaging imagery that will have babes laughing... and sentimental adults a little misty-eyed.

Littlefund Account, $-$$$

Give them what they'll never outgrow: cash money. Setting up a fund is a breeze, and "gifters" can contribute any amount for a specific purpose (education, travel, etc.). Savings held grow 1% APY in compounding cash rewards. Cha-ching.

Bestowe Bundle Up Baby, $120

This showstopper contains upgraded baby basics that will feel like a gift for the whole fam.  The goodies include a swoon-worthy Scandanavian blanket, eco-friendly rattle, and yummy smelling body and room spray.

Jellycat Inky Octopus, $48.50

Because baby doesn't need another bunny, lamb, or teddy bear. Inky is plush enough for snuggles, but his details (hello, tentacles) are made for play.

PlanToys Pastel Sensory Tumbling, $24.99

Perfect for tiny humans, each tumbler toy provides a sensory experience: auditory, visual, and texture. The gorgeous design? Just an added bonus.


Garnet Hill Kids’ Boiled Wool Slipper Boots, $48

Because nothing says cozy like boiled wool, and nothing says "ok I'll wear them" like a rainbow unicorn horn. (Psst...they come in plenty of other whimsy styles, too.)

Green Tones Beginner Drum Set, $60

A true master of the backbeat must get an early start.  This set includes four instruments on a central base to get creative juices (ok, noises) flowing.

Patagonia Baby Lightweight Synchilla® Snap-T® Fleece Pullover, $79

Who said winter can't be survived in style? Bundle up with this classic pullover and let the 'gramming commence.

Tacos!: An Interactive Recipe Book, $14.95

For the little foodie in your life, this book invites readers to chop the vegetables, mash the avocado, and warm the tortillas in pages that take interactive reading to the next level.

Play Silks, $15.95

Simple toy, endless potential: this classic toy can turn the floor into a duck pond, a stack of books into a mountain, or a regular girl into a superhero (yes, sort of like that double Americano).

Hape Grand City Station, $129.99

This award-winning set gives tiny conductors the full railway experience: make your passengers buy the ticket, ride the lift, catch the train, and even record station announcements.  How cool is that?

Suction Kupz, $14.95

Bring them into the tub for pouring, scooping and floating, stick them to the fridge, windows, table or floors... or use 'em for juice. These 100% silicone cups are food grade and dishwasher safe. And you thought YOU did it all.

Moulin Roty Wolf Backpack, $64

Tiny backpacks are the ultimate treasure collectors. Add a monogrammed wolf to the scenario and let the adventures commence.

Papoose Felt Grow A Garden Set, $144

Budding green thumbs can get a head start on their spring garden with this felt set that includes plenty of veggies to plant, and a raised bed so littles can see what's happening underground.

Crate&kids Whale Rocker, $129

Catch a wave... in the playroom! This rocker is equal parts plush and sturdy, perfect to work out those snowy day wiggles.

Educational Insights Bright Basics Bath Blocks, $19.99

Add a little variety to bathtime entertainment with these floating building blocks. They even come with a parent activity guide to keep things fresh (see what we did there?).

ella + mila Mommy&Me Nail Polish, $16

Because #selfcare could never start too young.  These polishes are 7-free (translation: the formula is squeaky clean) and come in endless combos for the perfect mommy-and-me lewk.

Paper Doll Blanket PD Babies Blanket, $59

It's a blanket, doll, and toy all rolled into one. The doll's clothing can be changed (hence the name)... without the paper dolls of yesteryear's annoying little rips.

Bugs Wooden Alphabet Blocks, $44

A must-have for fledgling entomologists, this set features all of their fav crawling, hopping, and flying friends (plus, they'll develop the letter recognition and fine motor skills they need to be working on, too).

Pop Oh Ver Kitchen Countertop Set, $39.95

Full of sweet details, this play kitchen slides over any ordinary chair and converts it into a toy kitchen counter set, complete with a sill and blender. Editor's tip: match it with the stove set and accessories to create a full play kitchen for your budding chef.

Hazel Village Gift Bundle, $90+

Think of this as a best friend in a box: you choose the matching outfits and the doll or animal of your choice, and Hazel Village packs it all up in the most perfect gift box--complete with a lavender sachet and sweet story.

Electra Sprocket Bike, $259.99

For munchkins just starting on two wheels, the Sprocket features patented Flat Foot Technology® that allows kids to plant their feet on the ground without ever leaving the saddle.  Other major bonus: training wheels that can be easily removed without tools.

PlanToys Green Dollhouse With Furniture, $250

You've never seen a dollhouse like this before: the energy-efficient design includes a wind turbine, a solar cell panel, electric inverter, recycling bins, a rain barrel, a biofacade, and a blind that can adjust the amount of sunlight and air circulation.

Monsters of the World Memory Game, $11

A fuzzy, green, tennis-playing monster named Nona should be easier to remember, right? Add some fun to the classic game as the ultimate cabin-fever antidote.

KiwiCo Koala Crate, $159.95/12 months

Finding age-appropriate toys for budding innovators can be hard... until now. Koala Crate delivers a monthly box full of materials to create, explore, and learn—all around a central theme.

Le Toy Van Toy Doctor Set, $59.95

Because doctor's sets do not have to equal total eyesore. This vintage-style doctor's bag is filled with wooden medical instruments and gadgets like a stethoscope, thermometer, syringe, blood pressure gauge, ear scope, reflex hammer, scissors, and two medicine bottles.

Little Feminists Book Club Subscription, $25+

Because who doesn't love a monthly delivery... or a strong female lead? Book club boxes are designed around 1-2 books of the month that feature strong female characters and/or people of color, a bookmark with discussion questions, and a parent letter.

Tech Will Save Us Complete Dough Universe Kit, $134.99

Learn about electricity and the power of light, sound, and motion... while also creating some awesome dough creatures. Invent, explore, imagine? Yes, please!

Silver Cross Princess Doll’s Pram, $499.99

If your little one is on the extra-nice list this year, splurge on this heirloom quality doll pram that will bring the whimsical to pretend play for generations to come.


Fort Boards, $125

For the Lego lover in your life, this set allows builders to actually play inside their creations. Giant castles, houses, spaceships, cars, boats, and airplanes are all possible with one pack.

Tubby Todd Bath Bomb Bundle, $25

Nothing cures the winter blues like a psychedelic bath.  These have the added bonus of being totally yummy smelling and full of all natural and skin-soothing ingredients.

Glinda Girl’s Sparkly Glitter Boot, $54

Cozy boots dipped in glitter need no further explanation.  Right?

Wise Elk Black Castle, $99.99

Move over, magnatiles: there's a new totally addictive building toy in town. Build a GOT or Harry Potter-esque castle, tower, or lighthouse with the bricks, tile, and glue.  Then, simply soak the structure in water and the pieces are ready to use again.

SkateXS Beginner Skateboard, $113.95

Specifically designed for new skaters, this board features slightly softer wheels for a smoother ride and a deck perfectly sized for new riders. Perfect for first pushes, sturdy enough for advanced tricks. Newbies will be totally stoked, dude.

Harry Potter: The Illustrated Collection, $64.61

Not sure if he's ready for Harry Potter? Thanks to this beautifully illustrated set, he just may be. This box set contains the first three books in the series in large-scale editions with totally gorgeous illustrations by award-winning artist Jim Kay.

Kid Made Modern Arts and Crafts Supply Library, $39.99

This one had us at "library." Contain the creativity with this set that has everything young artists could ever need to create a masterpiece, neatly organized and perfect for tucking away when not in use.

Kano Computer Kit Touch, $279.99

Why buy them a tablet when they can build their own? Build it, learn to code, and play art games and music.  And in 70 years, they can tell their grandkids how back in their day, they had to code their own tablets.

Hoyle Sharks are Wild Card Game, $5.99

Because there's no better time to diversify the game cabinet.  (They'll thank you in the middle of February.) This quick, engaging game brings a new twist to the traditional card games, with easy to follow instructions.

Botley™ the Coding Robot Activity Set, $79.99

Because the holidays in 2018 are not complete without a coding robot. This one is well made, easy to use, and the level of challenge can be built upon.

Pai Technology Circuit Conductor, $69.99

Use 12 different electrical function blocks and special, insulated wires to build fun circuits and learn about electricity. Scan circuits to view electrical flows in real time, and unlock in-game levels through problem-solving and logic. (Engineering degree not included.)

Yellow Scope Foundation Chemistry Kit, $49.99

Yellow Scope sets are packed full of supplies and girl power vibes. The sets include quality pieces to create a mini-lab at your kitchen table, while the accompanying materials set the stage for endless experiments and activities. It will bring you right back to sophomore year Chem class.

Nudo Adopt Olive Tree Adoption, $79+

This is the sweetest. Gift an olive tree adoption from a small scale, sustainable Italian olive grove and give someone their own authentic, pure extra virgin olive oil straight from their piece of Italy.  And yes, totally buy one for yourself, too.

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat Hardcover, $21

The hottest cookbook of the moment (like James Beard-winning hot) breaks down the elements of good cooking in a way to lay the foundation for a novice cook or introduce new ideas for even the savviest of home cooks.  Bonus gift idea: watch the kids while she binge watches the book's Netflix series.

lovimals Personalized Animal Print Socks, $29.99

For the #dogmom or #catmom in your life, lovimals prints hand-drawn images of furry friends onto ridiculously fun socks.

Cuisinart Griddler Five, $99.95

One appliance, endless meals: the Griddler FIVE upgrades the iconic 5-in-1 original (contact grill, panini press, full grill, full griddle, and half grill/half griddle) with an LCD display, sear function, and more.

What’s In Your Jewelry Box? Custom Care Package, $100

Every woman has a stash of vintage, sentimental jewelry she can't part with but wouldn't be caught wearing. Send a piece (or 2) off and let the experts at What's In Your Jewelry Box reinvent them into something she'll be reaching for daily.

Plum Pretty Sugar Kimono Robe, $73

Upgrade your making-lunches-while-yelling-about-library-books morning look with this robe that is flirty and feminine enough to make you a little more than a permission slip signing, sandwich-making machine.  (But you're totally killing it at that, too.)

Fitbit Flyer Wireless Headphones

Comfortable. Secure. Sweatproof. Control music, calls, and sound with an easy, three button panel. Sync to your Fitbit Iconic and watch as you crush your fitness goals. (But really, the crown jewel here is that rose gold.)

Full Spectrum Face Cream Lavender with Hemp CBD, $54+

Rejuvenation in a jar makes for a perfect stocking stuffer. Formulated with antioxidants from CBDs and natural SPF containing oils, this cream will become her go-to day and night.

Friend or Faux Card Game, $19.70

How well do you really know your friends?  After a round of Friend or Faux, the answer will be VERY well. Points are earned and unexpected connections are made through five rounds of increasingly revealing questions that players answer about each other. NSFW, but a total game night gem.

TB12 x Under Armour Athlete Recovery Sleepwear, $65+

Straight from the brain of the GOAT himself, these jammies promise better sleep and athletic recovery by returning infrared energy to your body.  (We like to envision Giselle had a say in them, too.) 

Facebook Portal, $199

Less like a video call, more like a we're-actually-in-the-same room feel, Facebook Portal is the newest way to connect through (state of the art) tech.  We know this will be THE gadget on every techie's list this year.

Beard Bro Beard Shaping Tool, $9.99

Help him tame the gruff with this perfect stocking stuffer that will give him barbershop-quality shape.

Kiel James Patrick New England House Flannel, $128

Designed with a modern eye in mind but constructed to be used for those rugged things that flannel shirts are worn for (read: durable and roomy), KJP's signature flannel will be his go-to shirt for the season.

Urban Leaf Exotic Basil Kit, $22

This window garden kit only needs 3 empty bottles and a sunny window to bring 3 varieties of exotic basil—Thai Basil, Purple Basil, and Lime Basil—into the kitchen of your favorite foodie.

GrowlerWerks Growler, $149-250

You say growler, we say mini-keg.  Either way, imbibe with ease with this pressurized growler that will keep beer fresh and carbonated for up to two weeks.

Moral Code Phoenix Messenger Bag, $398

Got a commuter on the nice list this year? This bag is equal parts sophisticated and practical, with plenty of pockets to stay organized throughout the work day.

Legacy Box, $87.95+

Got a basement full of home videos on VHS and dusty boxes of photos? Get them organized and digitized to be enjoyed and cherished for years to come.  Choose from a thumb drive, DVD, or in the cloud.

Ancestry DNA Test, $99

There is no history quite as intriguing as your own, right? With a simple swab, Ancestry uses both DNA and the world's largest collection of online records to fill in the blanks and dive deeper into family history and lineage. So cool.