Moms have long been known for doing it all, but modern moms have an advantage: the smartphone.  From baby trackers to family organizers to meditation guides and mom friend finders, our phones are total Mom Boss tools, if we download correctly.

But in the oversaturated app market, finding what works can be time consuming work. So, we did our homework… and you can totally copy it. We tapped our Scouts, checked under the hood and kicked the tires on every buzzed about app out there and rounded up those worthy of your gigabytes:

If You Need Ground Control For Parenting: If you’ve ever attempted to keep count of your newborn’s wet diapers in those hazy first days home, been drilled by the pediatrician for an hour-by-hour recap of an up-all-night fever, or if you’ve had to mouth “goodbye” to the nanny as you come home for the evening on a conference call and she quietly walks out, only to realize you have no idea what happened with your babe all day, you know that when it comes to caring for littles, the devil is in the details.  Thankfully, Sprout Baby wants to know them all. The app claims to be “the only baby app you’ll ever need,” and we’ve found that to be true.  With daily tips and monthly developmental information, a milestones section, tracking for feeding, diapers, growth and sleep, and a medical records keeper, all that baby info can stay in one place and be shared in real-time among parents and caregivers.  Only hang up? Sorry, Android friends, this one’s iPhone-only.

…Or Ground Control For Life-Living:  Cozi syncs with you calendar to keep everyone’s schedule and appointments in one place, and allows for shared grocery and to-do lists.  So next time Dad runs to the store for shaving cream, he’ll have no excuse not to pick up the laundry detergent and toiler paper.  (We won’t tell if you add sour straws to the list while he’s en route.)

If You Think You Need A Gut Check:  Shedding the smartphone guilt is important, but accountability is, too.  Moment automatically tracks your iPhone and iPad use each day (a number almost as scary as the scale, no?).  You can set daily limits on yourself and be notified when you max out, or if heavier reinforcements are needed, the app can forced off your device when you’re over the limit.

Best App For Those What The What? Moments: The StrollerTraffic Scout-approved Wonder Weeks app uses over thirty years of research to give parents info and tips on the developmental changes during the first 20 months of life.   When your once-perfect sleeper suddenly decides his favorite time to party is between the hours of 12-2am and you have no idea why, chances are it isn’t karma getting back at you for the havoc you wreaked on your own parents in the summer of ‘95.  This app will shed some light as to what else could be at play.

Best App For Finding Your Zen:  Moms need meditation.  Whether you’re TTC, pregnant, or on the wild journey that is motherhood (or some combination of all three) Expectful has a meditation for you.  You choose 10 or 20-minute meditations focused on your needs of the day (read: focus, balance, being present, and trusting yourself) and let the calming voice and blissful interface work its magic.

Sure Way To Find Your Tribe: Peanut’s founder Michelle Kennedy learned all too quickly some of the real challenges of motherhood:  being home with baby can feel lonely and isolating,  your pre-baby social circle might not entirely meet your needs post baby, and going back to work can make it hard to make new mom friends.  She took what she knew about dating apps and applied it to Peanut, an app with an algorithm to connect moms with other moms with similar interests and backgrounds.  Make a profile and “Wave Hey” (Tinder translation: swipe right) at potential new mom friends, and don’t be shy: your potential new mom friends will never know you waved unless they wave back.

Shopping the isles? Ain’t nobody got time for that: We’ve all had those “there isn’t a single wipe in this house” moments that even Amazon can’t fix.  Before you put your kid to bed in a swim diaper or attempt to make it through the day without coffee, download the Scout-approved shopping app Instacart.  You make your list, and Instacart will send a shopper to pick up the goods at a local store of your choice and deliver your bags to your door within a few hours— sometimes even less.