This cold and flu season we’re all about prevention, and the first step to keeping germs at bay is keeping hands clean. Sounds simple, but when dealing with babies and toddlers, nothing is entirely what it seems, is it?  Babyganics gets it. Their germ-busting products are alcohol-free, plant derived, and equal parts parent and kid-friendly.  Armed with the entire Babyganics hand hygiene line, our Scouts put the products to the real-life scenario test. Kitchen and bathroom sinks were stocked with foaming hand soap, changing tables were outfitted with alcohol-free foaming hand sanitizer, and the on-the-go foaming hand sanitizer and hand sanitizing wipes were stashed in every bag, drawer, and pocket— and solved some interesting challenges along the way.

The Scouts were unanimous in reporting that they found daily, practical use for everything.   With so many options, the Scouts found it easy to set up their homes, cars, and bags to be dirty-hands ready.  Chicago Scout Jesi Verchota breaks down her strategy: “Hand foam wash at the kitchen sink and the kids bathroom, tub of hand wipes in the family room where (the baby) does most of his crawling, and the alcohol free hand sanitizer pump in the play room! I have also created ease out and about with an on-the-go foaming hand sanitizer in the car and then the single wipe packets in my purse.”   Houston Scout Joyce Evans created a hand hygiene routine for her school-aged children to prepare them for their soon-to-be baby sibling: she packed a single-use hand sanitizing wipe with lunches each day, had the on-the-go hand sanitizer ready for pumping as soon as the kids get into the car after school, and implemented a “to-the-sink” rule as soon as they get into the house.

The best way to get a child on board for anything? Speak their language.  From bright packaging, pleasant scents, soothing formulas, and a variety of textures and applications, the products got the oh-so-coveted toddler stamp of approval.  “My two-year old daughter has gotten into the new routine and reaches her hands out for a wipe when she feels a need for a refresher, which is so much easier than our typical trips to the sink,” reports Hamptons Scout Nicole Delma.   Once inside, the foaming hand soap won the affections of even the busiest hands: “Our almost 4-year old loves the foaming action, and I can appreciate that it feels like the perfect amount of soap… no more lost “globs” of gel soap,” says Portland, ME Scout Carla Tracy.  As for the on-the-go foaming hand sanitizer, NYC Scout Olivia Patino reports: “it doesn’t take up a lot of room in our diaper bag and it’s fun and colorful enough to keep my 13-month old entertained during her teething.”

The unsung hero of the campaign?  The on-the-go hand sanitizing options.  The individually packaged hand sanitizing wipes and the travel-size foam hand sanitizer  made for quick fixes in sticky scenarios. Carla Tracy wiped down changing tables in public restrooms and the hands of an entire preschool class on a field trip, Olivia Patino reports quick-cleaning tables and menus (her toddler’s favorite teething toy) while brunching in NYC, and New Orleans Scout Anne Cutler even used the hand sanitizing wipes in a pinch during a diaper change.  And quite possibly our favorite use came from Austin Scout Michelle Green, who placed an individually packaged wipe at each place setting during her son’s third birthday party.  Genius!

The Bottom Line

“I’m absolutely hooked on all of these different products and will be recommending them to other moms in my circle. I feel armed and ready for flu season in the healthiest way possible.” – Olivia Patino, NYC

“The best thing I have done to prepare for flu and germ season is setting up clean hand stations in the house.” – Jesi Verchota, Chicago 

“The wipes are definitely a ‘keep stocked up’ product. You got it right, Babyganics!” – Nicole Delma, The Hamptons