Have you ever stood over the sink at 2AM, shaking a bottle, asking yourself if there’s an easier way? Good news: there is. Meet the BabyNes Nutrition System.  With formula inspired by the evolving nutrition of breastmilk and a machine that essentially does all the thinking for you, bottle prep has never been more streamlined.  StrollerTraffic Scout Jessica Newcomer put the BabyNes Nutrition System to the test with her 4 month old, and here’s the low down spilled all the deets:

The Formula :While the convenience of the BabyNes machine might grab headlines, the formula is designed with such care that it deserves a place at the buzz-worthy table.  It comes in 6 stages, including a whopping 3 stages for 0-6 months, meant to mimic the caloric, fat, and protein content of breastmilk. Jessica used the Soothe formula with her son, and reports “he never showed symptoms of discomfort, took the formula willingly, and continued to grow.”

The Capsules: Jessica refers to traditional bottle prep as a “high pressure situation,” but the pre-measured capsules took a lot of that angst out of bottle prep— no more squinting to measure, pouring out, and measuring again.  The formula is stored in barcoded capsules (similar to coffee pods) that let the Machine know what stage it is, and therefore how much water to use.  And it’s all done hygienically: the hermetically sealed capsules protect the formula from contamination and feature a filter that keeps the water flowing into the capsule bacteria-free. The formula flows directly from capsule to bottle sans contact with the Machine.

Another big plus? The capsules are great on-the-go. The Machine comes with a quick-capsule opener, which Jessica found to be “awesome. [It] was tricky the first time I used it, but I packed the directions and referenced them the first two times using it. After that it was easy, and I loved that the capsules were sealed to avoided any spills or contamination.

The Machine: Beyond the convenience, Jessica’s favorite feature? The consistent consistency (see what we did there?).  She says “there was no room for human error” and the Machine delivered a perfectly mixed bottle at the correct temperature, every time.

The Machine is WiFi enabled and sends feeding information to an app on your phone, a feature that Jessica notes “solved a lot of guesswork that formula feeding sometimes entails, like how old is this bottle? Or when was the last time the baby ate? My husband was notorious for forgetting to log feed times, so the app was super helpful to both my sanity and my marriage!

The Bottom Line:  The BabyNes Nutrition System really has thought of it all.  From quality formula to easy, clean, perfect output, all of the challenges associated with formula feeding are addressed.  While a price-per-bottle comparison with powdered formula will always put BabyNes on top, the quality of the formula, seamless and hygienic preparation, and added value of the information the machine is able to track and send make this much more than a convenience buy.