It’s the most wonderful time of the year— especially for fashion. To keep tiny closets on-trend, we enlisted the help of Veronique Vicari Barnes, StrollerTraffic’s resident Fashion Expert and co-creator of Ice Cream Castles, who shares the inside scoop on what’s hot for the holidays:

It’s All About The Textures
“I’m a huge fan of anything retro, and I’m loving all the crushed velvet that’s coming back,” she says.  For the younger set, velvet first walkers for girls and bow ties for boys are accessory perfection. Another bold texture making its mark this season is faux fur, which is a triple-win in Veronique’s book: it’s ethical, affordable, and practical during the winter months.  Her picks? This statement piece from Stella McCartney (totally worth the splurge) and fur-lined hoods to let the boys in on the fun.

On the more traditional side, plaid is a holiday trend that never seems to go out of style,  and Veronica assures us you can never have too much glitter (ever, really) but especially during the holidays.  She’s loving pediped’s take on holiday glam paired with Gucci showstoppers for an eye catching mommy-and-me holiday look.

Nail That Holiday Photo
Veronique is all for holiday family photos, and she says the key to success is coordinating outfits in a way that is subtle and flexible enough for family members to showcase their individual personalities. It will make things more fun, authentic, and preserve memories for down the road.  Keep the color palette neutral and the photos will be timeless — we have no shame taking a page out of Veronique’s holiday photo book: “Every year I take a picture of my twins dressed in all white in front of a white background. It has become a tradition, and now I have a series of the children as they grow. They make great gifts and never go out of style as the years go by.”

Keep It Fresh
With all the opportunities to dress up for holiday soirees, it’s easy to quickly fill the closet with one-time wears.  Veronique’s key to keeping outfits fresh and reusable?  Accessories.  “If I have an amazing sparkly dress for [my daughter] Juliet, I will have her wear it under a hooded sweatshirt and pair it with cute tights, Uggs and a beanie for a Santa pic, and then I can use it for a fancy holiday party picture as well.”  She loves pairing lower end accessories (H&M and Target are favorites) with higher end pieces to create holiday looks throughout the season, and swears by buying a few things during post-holiday sales to wear the following year.

Here’s to making some well-dressed memories this season!