From cozy Sunday mornings to backyard exploring, Giesswein slippers and shoes are #madeformemories.  This fall, our Scouts and their broods put a whopping 34 pairs of slippers to the family life test.  How did it go? The short answer, really good.  But when we spill, we like to spill all the details.  Here’s the lowdown:

Picky kids like ‘em. Toddlers can be weird about things.  Especially shoes.  So perhaps it was the laws of attraction (cozy shoes, objecting toddler) but our tiniest testers and Giesswein slippers were a perfect match.  Cincinnati Scout Ashlee Mello’s shoes-and-clothes-loathing daughter “even sleeps in them,” and Hamptons Scout Nicole Delma agrees, saying her own toddler with “a hate/hate relationship with shoes due to her extra-wide, high-arched feet and free-spirited personality”  kept these on — inside and outside (more on that later!).  The design allowed for Chicago Scout Jesi Verchota’s two year old to put them on by himself, a design perk that gave the toddler set a rather addicting sense of independence.  And the colors did not disappoint.  Chicago Scout Becky Olson reports her pink-obsessed 2 year old (seriously, check out her IG) gives the hue two thumbs up.

They dispel any assumption you might have on wool shoes. The first thing to know about Giesswein is that this isn’t your average wool.  “It felt like satin on my feet,” explains York, PA Scout Jessica Newcomer. The made-in-the mountains-of-Austria wool is soft, flexible, itch and odor-resistant, and keeps feet cool in the summer and snug in the winter.  Our Scouts put the slippers through all types of weather, from cool northeast mornings to 90-degree Austin heat, and all agree that the wool lives up to its promise. Nicole Delma explains that because the slipper was “insulating but breathable,” her toddler “didn’t seem to mind wearing them when it was 50 degrees or 75 degrees, which was a big plus for packing.”  Versatility for the win.

As for outdoor use, resident adventurist (she’s a Survivor alum!) Nicole Delma’s toddler put the wool to the test and it passed with flying colors:  “the wool does surprisingly well in the rain, repelling moisture and wicking mud and other elements off quickly.  They actually performed much better than her leather sneakers.”

The sole is the real deal. The sole of the Giesswein slipper is made from dipped latex, providing a firm — but not too sticky— grip on the floor, reports Westchester Scout Jennifer Tonetti Spellman.  “I’ve worried in the past about slipping while holding my kids, particularly on stairs. However, that is not an issue with Giessweins,” says Becky Olson.  Austin Scout Michelle Green reports the “perfect fit” and soft-yet-supportive sole allowed her son to “feel the floor beneath his feet,” making it the ideal first walker.

The indoor/outdoor sole lived up to its promise, too:  “My 3 year old son lives in his,” reports Boston Scout Kristin Quinn. “ He has worn them inside for comfort, and outside when he went anywhere that made him nervous — the dentist, to school, etc. Those slippers acted like a lovey for him!” As for her own slippers?  “I loved being able to take the trash out and check the mail without changing into actual shoes!”

They’re in it for the long haul. All-day wear wasn’t limited to the toddler set — the Scouts found themselves in the slippers all day, too.  The adult models feature a removable foot bed that molds to your foot, resulting in incredible arch support, a favorite features of the slipper.   Ashlee Mello’s back requires a particular level of foot support, and she could “go all day” in the slippers while getting “all the support my back needs.”  Jessica Newcomer’s 8 year old reports she “felt like the middle of her foot was being massaged.”  Well, that sounds amazing.

Natalia Cherubini explains the shoe feels “expensive and well designed.”  “I have faith that they’ll survive long enough to be passed down,” says San Francisco Scout Katie Hampton.  Quality materials and thoughtful construction will do that to a shoe.

The Bottom Line 

Hands down, the best slippers we’ve ever owned – and we’ve owned several high price point slippers throughout the years! — Ashlee Mello, Cincinnati

They go above and beyond your average slipper. — Kristin Quinn, Boston

We got many compliments on the unique style, which is very classic but refreshingly different than so many of the other styles on the market.  — Nicole Delma, The Hamptons

I’m always in search of children’s products that take form into consideration just as much as function. I love the neutral, earthy colors, and the classic, charming design. — Katie Hampton, San Francisco

As a new Mom with no sleep, I still look forward to sliding out of bed every morning and slipping into my slippers. — Jesi Verchota, Chicago