The oh-so-buzzed about Entourage by Austlen Baby Co. has developed a loyal fanbase for good reason. It combines the sturdiness of a workhorse stroller (it holds a whopping 150 lbs of combined weight) with luxe features (hello, whitewall tires and faux-leather handle) with sanity-saving storage space and endless versatility. Our Scouts worked through their summer bucket lists with the Entourage in tow, and gave us the inside scoop on all it can handle.

The Entourage separates itself from other full-size strollers through its ability to configure to what you need, when you need it. NYC Scout Christine White notes, “I love the adaptability of this stroller… from brunch to the splash park to the market, we were able to achieve it all and not feel like we needed to kick our 3-year-old out of his seat to tote around all of the stuff.” Adds York, PA Scout Jessica Newcomer: “I expanded the stroller and loaded it with multiple bags, a cooler, chairs, and baby to attend an outdoor concert with my family… That evening, I took the Entourage to the mall and it was the compact stroller I needed to fit between the racks of a clothing store.” And fear not: the Entourage adapts with ease. Austin Scout Michelle Green calls the ride “intuitive,” and Chicago Scout Becky Olson notes it’s “easy to adjust between settings.”

When it comes to handling, the Entourage has the Scout stamp of approval. “The push is very easy. I expected to have to do quite a bit of steering given that there is so much stroller in front of you, but that was pleasantly not the case. The wheels took cobblestones, uneven sidewalks and bumps very well,” reports Christine White. Michelle Green notes, it “handles with such fluidity and ease that you quickly forget its strength.” Orange County Scout Natalia Cherubini adds, “it’s the most maneuverable stroller I’ve ever used.”

As for the fold, the Scouts report it’s a breeze. “I cannot get over how easy it folds and unfolds,” notes Portland Scout Carla Tracy, who tested it with her own parents. “Two able-bodied 70-somethings able to open and close a stroller without help or blank stares… well: color me impressed.”

New Orleans Scout Anne Cutler reports the Entourage “turns stroller storage on its head.” On family outings, the Scouts were repeatedly impressed that the storage options meant no more bags over the shoulder or backpacks on the back: everything fits neatly inside the Entourage. Orange County Scout Jessica Mason says schlepping suddenly “looks effortless” and Carla Tracy adds, “I feel actually more free” taking her two littles to the beach for the day. Natalia Cherubini notes “I have never fit so much stuff in a stroller before,” and Philadephia Scout Britney Harmon reports she could “load everything” for a day at the pool with the expandable cargo bag.

Adaptability, maneuverability, and storage: check, check, double check. But what really puts the Entourage over the top? Customization. The Scouts outfitted the stroller with accessories tailored to their individual needs, and combined with the ample storage, didn’t seem to find a scenario the Entourage couldn’t handle. Anne Cutler ventured out with a newborn and toddler in tow, thanks to the car seat adapter (she used the brand new Britax adapter) and sit + stand seat, both her boys had a comfy ride. The largest learning curve came with using the beach wheels, but after getting the hang of pulling rather than pushing the stroller through the sand, they became a “godsend” according to Carla Tracy, a sentiment echoed by Hamptons Scout (and resident beach bum) Nicole Delma.


I can see why they’ve won all the awards: this design and engineering is flawless and it’s for real life. – Carla Tracy

Above all, the Austlen Entourage is that jaw-dropping stroller that solves all of my problems and creates none. – Jessica Newcomer

It’s the sturdiest stroller I’ve ever used.  – Natalia Cherubini

As a big city mom, I’ve struggled to find a stroller that meets all of my needs. The Austlen Entourage combines so many benefits and features that it has become my new go-to. – Becky Olson

As for the appearance, you really can’t beat it. I mean, white walls and leather!? OMG!  People stop us on the street asking about it! At this point, I think my stroller is nicer than my car!  – Anne Cutler