There’s no denying it: childrearing takes a lot of stuff, and the baby industry seems to change at the same lightning speed as babies themselves.  As we ride the proverbial river rapids of early parenthood, there are some rocks we can hold onto— that is, brands that withstand the test of time, not only for the durability and functionality of their products, but their ability to serve the changing needs of growing families. Stick with them, and never again will you reach the end of the internet at 1AM, neck deep in a baby product search.  Not that we’ve been there, or anything.

The journey from purees to puffs can be as exciting as it is challenging, right? Setting the foundation for proper nutrition and a curious palate can be overwhelming, so don’t be afraid to lean on a brand that already knows what’s up. Sprout Organic Foods has developed a product line that can take you from the “first foods” entry in your baby book to the IG snap of that perfectly packed bento box on the first day of kindergarten.  Sprout makes wholesome, organic baby food in three stages, a variety of toddler pouches and snacks, and — wait for it — snacks for big kids (and grownups), too.  And of course this is all without additives, fillers, thickeners, or preservatives.  Introduce your babies to the power of plants, and they’ll be asking for chickpeas and lentils before you know it.  Ok, that may be ambitious, but a mom can dream, right?

We need to let you in on a little secret: your sweet babe is going to outgrow that impeccably designed nursery before you know it. But when your toddler is begging you to take down those Sharon Montrose prints in favor of a Cars 3 poster, there will be one nursery item that will remain: the humidifier.  We’ve been longtime fans of Crane Humidifiers for their design (from the uber-chic Drop design to the super cute Adorables line, something for everyone), but it’s their functionality, and durability, and the fact that they will stick with you from those first (scary) newborn sniffles through the elementary school icks that makes us want to put a ring on it.  Think humidifiers only need to be pulled out when the dreaded head cold rips through the house? Think again.  Newborns are obligate nasal breathers, breathing only through their tiny noses for their first 4-6 months, making proper humidity levels extra important for your child to breathe, feed, and sleep through the night peacefully. Crane’s humidifiers are whisper quiet, have a 1 gallon tank that lasts up to 24 hours, and do not require a filter. They also have an Auto-Shutoff Feature when the tank is empty for added safety.

Nail clippers have a well-earned reputation of being every new parent’s nemesis.  And even more difficult than trimming a newborn’s extremely delicate yet terrifyingly claw-like nails? Trimming a wiggly toddler’s rapidly growing germ collectors.  Fear no more with the Fridababy NailFrida The Snipper Clipper Set. The Snipper Clipper Set includes a uniquely designed nail clipper with a safety spyhole that enables parents to see exactly what they are cutting. Goodbye nicks, or as our resident toddlers like to call it, “finger sunburns.” Its curved overlapping blades allow for safe, smooth, and silent clipping, from the snoozy newborn days to the rambunctious toddler years. (Psst…we won’t judge if you use them to clip your own, too. After all, the crux of motherhood is multitasking.)