With its compact fold and featherweight design, the BABYZEN YOYO+  can make traveling with kids a little easier — and much more chic.  And with some new additions to its ever-expanding line of accessories, the YOYO+ continues to redefine what a lightweight stroller can do, not only for travel, but for everyday use. The latest is an attachable sit-or-stand buddy board and two new (totally gorgeous) color packs. This month, the Scouts hit the pavement from NYC to Tel Aviv with their broods in tow and dished on their experiences.

From being “insanely easy” to install to stories of toddlers going fan girl at the sight of the bike seat, the buddy board was a hit. Hamptons Scout and mom of 2-under-2 Nicole Delma explains, “My toddler…set about installing it (almost successfully) all by herself” and San Francisco Scout Vanessa Wauchope adds, “My bike-obsessed toddler can’t wait to jump on the board when I pull the stroller out of the car!”  Stamp of approval for ease of install? Check. Toddler-approved? Double unicorn check.  But we’re feeling ambitious, so we’re going for one more: ease of use.  LA Scout Nara Walker notes it isn’t “nearly as clunky” as other ride along boards she’s used, and having it attached “doesn’t really increase the total overall weight of the stroller – so that’s a mega score in my book!”  The buddy board gives the “too busy for a stroller seat, too small to walk all day” toddler phase not only a place, but one that allows them to explore freely.  “My 3 year old jumps on and off the board, sits and stands, and takes full advantage of that freedom and comfort,” says Orange County Scout Natalia Cherubini.  And when it comes to steering with the buddy board attached, the Scouts agree that with a small adjustment, it’s a breeze. “Steering one-handed while walking to the side was easier and quite doable given how maneuverable the YOYO+ is,” notes Vanessa Wauchope.

The fold continues to be the wow factor for the Scouts.  As anyone with a baby and a toddler knows, the easier something is to bring around, the more needed it is.  “The best thing about the YOYO+ truly is how small it folds up and how lightweight it is,” says Nicole Delma. “I can actually pop it into my SUV without even folding it… it’s my go to every time.”  Adds Chicago Scout Becky Olson: “We struggle with trunk space, even in an SUV, so it’s unbelievably remarkable how little space this stroller takes up when collapsed. We are able to tuck it in the foot well of the back seat to save on precious trunk space.”  While out and about, the Scouts note how easy it is to fold and unfold the stroller.  Austin Scout Michelle Green took the buddy board on her family adventure to Israel and had this to say: “We were in and out of a bus at least 8 times daily, and folding the buddy board with the stroller took around 10 seconds each time.”  NYC Scout Christine White adds she found it easy “being in the city and getting on/off subways, up stairs, down narrow aisles.”

The YOYO+ is so much more than a basic umbrella stroller, but it’s design doesn’t take it quite as far as an all-terrain stroller.  “The wheels are small, but mighty. It’s certainly not the best when it comes to big cracks in the sidewalks, but I’ve learned how to maneuver it over the bumps and it handles well,” says NYC Scout Olivia Patino.  The Scouts agree that the compact fold, easy of carry, and exceptional maneuverability make up for what the wheels might lack.

Scouts who have used the newborn nest agree that it is an easy, safe, comfortable way for baby to stroll from birth (it lies completely flat, and includes ample canopy coverage and head support), and combined with the buddy board, family walks can happen as soon as you’re ready. Scouts love the YOYO+’s  “incredibly sleek and minimal design” and both Nara Walker and Christine White note that they’ve been stopped by strangers who want to know more about the oh-so-chic ride.  (Christine has a white frame, and that’s been a huge hit with passers by.)

The bottom line:

For a city family, it is by far the most practical and the most stylish stroller I’ve ever come across.” – Olivia Patino, NYC

The YOYO+ is THE STROLLER I recommend to any friends expecting or looking to add a stroller into their arsenal.” – Nara Walker, LA

We have been traveling through the U.K. and Israel.  I cannot imagine traveling without my YOYO+ and buddy board. With a 2 year old and a 9 month old, we always needed the option for both children to be contained.  The Buddy Board not only solved this problem, but also gave my 2 year old a super fun way to explore the cities.” – Michelle Green, Austin

It’s the coolest and most functional stroller I’ve seen and used. My family loves it and it’s now our main stroller.” – Natalia Cherubini, Orange County