There’s no better way to pass the time while pregnant than designing a nursery fit for an editorial spread. But as parents quickly learn once baby is earth side, things like the humidifier are as important as the color scheme.  Before you delete that Pinterest board, fear not: “functional” and “chic” are totally achievable.  We called on some experts to help.

When it comes to nursery design that truly works, Project Nursery Managing Editor Beth Williams says the age-old rule of “less is more” applies. “We’ve found the most beautiful nurseries tend to be those that are uncluttered and well organized, which also goes hand in hand with a very functional space.” Focus your organizational efforts on the areas that tend to be most cluttered – the changing table, the closet, and the library and toys. Having visions of your nursery looking like an aisle from the Container Store? Okay, that might actually be amazing, but design mavens fear not – subtle elements like a patterned throw pillow, focal rug, or a whimsy nightlight go a long way to make a nursery’s vibe come to life. For a statement piece that packs a punch without claiming any real estate, look no further than Beth’s favorite nursery trend: “Wallpaper! “Most parents are just adding it to one wall as an accent so it doesn’t overwhelm the space.”

When designing a space for baby, what you can’t see is equally as important as what you can see. Air purity, correct temperature (shoot for 65-70°F), and proper humidity level (45%, FYI) can help your baby stay healthy and improve sleep, which is probably more than that Aztec rug can say, right? “Depending on the season and where you live, a cool mist humidifier can be one of your most useful nursery items,” says Dr. Sara Connolly, medical director at Bundoo. Pair the humidifier with an air purifier to remove allergens, gasses, and pollutants, and a temperature and humidity reader to be sure you’re hitting your numbers. That little button nose you can’t get enough of will thank you.