Photo by Jennifer Tonetti Spellman

It’s no surprise that our StrollerTraffic Scouts jumped at the opportunity to take the brand-spanking new Entourage by Austlen Baby Co. for a test drive—this thing could stop traffic. With the capacity to hold a whopping 150 pounds of combined weight, the Entourage’s other big draw is its versatility. The stroller can be configured up to 30 different ways to accommodate one or two kids, and all of their (and/or your) requisite belongings. Here’s what our 11 Scout reviewers had to say about all facets of the one-of-a-kind Entourage.

First up, the storage. It’s impressive. “The under carriage allows for SIXTY FIVE pounds to be carried. That translates into a full grocery run, dog food, your dog himself, or luggage when traveling,” says San Francisco Scout Vanessa Wauchope. “The extra carriage when the stroller was fully extended really came in handy for holiday shopping and towing all of our wrapped gifts,” agrees Chicago Scout Jesi VerchotaLos Angeles Scout Anna Lane does note, however, that using the second seat means sacrificing a good amount of storage space.

Our team was also pleased with that handy market bag (you can get a closer look at it here). “The market tote literally replaced my need for a diaper bag and purse,” says Westchester Scout Jennifer Tonnetti Spellman. “I love the fact that the stroller comes with a tote bag to carry all of my miscellaneous items—my cell phone, diapers, swaddles, wallet, etc.,” says NYC Scout Olivia Patino.

With all of that awesome storage space did come a few trade-offs. “It’s a bit heavier than some to push up hills or lift up stairs,” says Hamptons Scout Nicole Delma. “It’s definitely heavy, but I certainly foresee myself using it when traveling alone with the kids,” Anna agrees. And the Entourage’s overall size (apart from the weight) is something to consider, too. “For one baby, it was just too big for me to use all the time. Doing a lot of my Christmas shopping in Princeton and Philadelphia, the stores just weren’t set up to easily navigate this stroller through the aisles. It did become a little cumbersome,” says Philadelphia Scout Britney Harmon.

Our Scouts were pretty much unanimous in sharing how much their kids loved cruising in the Entourage (and after all, isn’t that what matters most?). “While the stroller is built for doing a lot of the dirty work (read: heavy lifting, traveling, keeping kids happy), the stroller exceeds in one area: keeping kids happy!” says Los Angeles Scout Nara Walker. “The seat for my older child was great! He loved it and super easy for him to get in and out,” added Brooklyn Scout Michelle Lindsay.

It was our Napa Valley Scout, Katie Hampton, who really summed up the experience best. “The Austlen Entourage is more than a stroller.  It’s a luggage cart for the traveling family, it’s the Costco dream machine (especially for those of us whose toddler threatens to be a jumper when confined to shopping carts).  It’s the soccer mom’s savior. And it’s for everybody.  It’s for my 6’4” husband whose shins have never been safe from strollers. It’s for the mom pushing a stroller and pulling a shopping cart simultaneously through the grocery. It’s for travelers and homebodies.  It’s for anyone who has stuff to haul, or places to go. And it’s beautiful.”


“Driving this stroller feels sexy—it’s like a new car that you want to take for a spin.” —Vanessa Wauchope

The best part is how much my one year old loved it. She was the least fussy in this stroller, and loved hanging onto the soft, faux leather handrail.” —Jennifer Tognetti Spellman

When I first saw the stroller expanded, it felt like a stretch limousine. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to navigate the stroller; but quite to my surprise, it handled turns and hills relatively well.” —Nara Walker