January is in full swing—if the cold or flu hasn’t already entered your household, congrats. And be prepared, it’s likely on its way. Save yourself a trip to the drugstore with a sick baby in tow, and proactively stock up today. Here’s everything you’ll need.

Stock the medicine cabinet with a reliable thermometer (like Fridababy’s FeverFrida) fever relief meds (remember to ask the pediatrician for dosage instructions at each visit as opposed to relying on the packaging), and the super handy FridaBaby Nosefrida Saline kit—the all-in-one stuffy nose solution for babies and toddlers. Consider using a probiotic (like Culturelle) to while your child is on antibiotics to maintain gut health and reduce side effects. In the nursery, keep a humidifier and the heat running, but don’t crank them all the way up. Our resident pediatrician, Dr. JJ Levenstein, recommends a room temp between 65-70 degrees, but not any warmer, as overheated rooms can contribute to SIDS risk. And too much humidity can result in mold or fungi growth (gross). A sleep sack will keep the little one warm and safe without overheating.  In the freezer, Dr. JJ suggests keeping a stash of Pedialyte pops and moist washcloths in Ziploc bags (great for cooling down feverish littles). 

Photo credit @Sarah_Lit