Photo by Nicole Delma

The Babycook has long been a trusted appliance for parents of early eaters, and this year, BÉABA upgraded the original with some sweet features (namely, a built-in bottle warmer—genius). Ten of our Scouts put the new Babycook Original Plus to the test with their little sous chefs, and gave us their take on what it brings to the table—literally. Armed with their appliances, the new Babycook Book, and a few of those handy Multiportions, here’s what team STS had to say about their time in the kitchen.

Upon receiving their new Babycook Original Plus machines, our Scouts were instantly impressed by the compact size and sleekness. “Mine is behind my coffee machine and is barely noticeable. It really doesn’t take up much cabinet space at all,” Greenwich Scout Fiona Hopkins-Rothenberg says. Chicago Scout Jesi Verchota agrees: “I love that with this being an all-in-one system, it means more counter space for me and less dishwashing. Double win!”

And then came the fun part—the food. From the Chocolate Olive Oil Cookies featured in the Babycook Book (these ended up being a fave amongst many of our Scouts’ families) to pestos and popsicles, the Babycook proved to be capable of a lot more than infant purees. “I might roast veggies for dinner versus steaming them, for flavor and texture, but then I blend in the Babycook. I have a lot of fun improvising with recipes,” San Francisco Scout Vanessa Wauchope Welstead tells us. “I used the three-ounce molds to freeze pesto cubes that I made from the basil in my garden,” says Milwaukee Scout Jenness Stock. “Depending on how many are home for dinner on a given night, I can pull out a pesto cube for each serving of pasta.” Yum.

“Warming bottles and sterilizing baby products was a huge plus,” Brooklyn Scout Michelle Lindsay says about the new Babycook’s most drastic innovation. “I usually boil water on the stove and have to sit there and watch it to make sure that I don’t forget about it. I lovehow you can steam, blend, AND heat bottles and sterilize pacis/teething toys.”

Our team was especially impressed with the new Babycook’s “hands-off” factor. “I always forget to check on stuff I am steaming, so I just love that BÉABA took the guess work out of that,” Joshua Tree Scout Geneva Karwoski tells us. Michelle Lindsay agrees, saying, “The ease of just turning it on and walking away was KEY for me! Especially when you’re running around trying to tend to two kids. I didn’t have to worry about it being cooked too long or burning anything.”

A couple of our Scouts had issues with the blade loosening during use. “I would re-tighten, but it still ended up sort of wobbly after blending,” explains Fiona. And there’s an art to securing the lid that it took a couple of our reviewers some practice to master, but once they get the hang of it, it stayed put.

The Bottom Line

“I felt very safe letting it do its steaming work while I attended to other things around the house, and found it to be quiet, easy to clean, and very simple to store.” —Nicole Delma, The Hamptons

“It’s easy to clean, and easy to use. I like that you can steam and blend things in small quantities and that you can easily whip up dinner for the kids and even the whole family.”—Natalia Cherubini, Los Angeles

“Warming bottles and sterilizing baby products was a huge plus. I usually boil water on the stove and have to sit there and watch the stove to make sure that I don’t forget it. With this product, I just turned it on and walked away!” —Michelle Lindsay, Brooklyn