It’s always worth a try at setting the bar high when it comes to baby and toddler nutrition (whether or not they eat it, of course, is another story). Our resident nutritionist, Hilary Baron Irwin, shared her take on three hot new “superfoods” to add into your fam’s routine.

“Superfoods are nutrient-rich, beneficial to your health and well-being, and may even help some medical conditions,” Hilary says. She reminds us that no one “superfood”—no matter how nutritious—can do it all, and a well-balanced and varied diet is always best (for kids and adults alike). Here’s what’s likely to earn a spot alongside kale and quinoa.

“People in Asia and Africa have been eating Moringa for years,” says Hilary. The plant’s leaves and seed pods are packed with protein and vitamins. You can eat the entire plant—from the roots, to the trunk, to the leaves to seeds. “The most readily available way to get your fix here is through Moringa powder,” Hilary says. She suggests adding it to smoothies, green juices, and soups, or sprinkling it over salad, pasta, or yogurt. 

Avocados are already very popular, but I see them staying hot and even becoming a more popular food,” Hilary tells us. “They are full of heart healthy fats  and can be used everywhere from avocado toast to creamy pasta sauce to chocolate pudding.”

And finally, sea vegetables—like seaweed— are gaining in popularity for their nutrient-rich content. There is evidence of anti-cancer properties, and they can help lower cholesterol and strengthen your bones. Try a seaweed salad, mix it into soup, and the littles are likely to go for seaweed sheets.