BottomZz Up, a new potty training system invented by SoCal mom Lynn Tilker, lets kids feel the discomfort of having wet underwear—minus the mess. The soft, unisex cotton undies have space for a BottomZz Up absorbent pad in their double-layered crotch panel. When your kiddo has an accident, they feel the wet sensation, but the pad absorbs the mess, protecting furniture and clothes. The easy clean-up is the best part: toss the soiled pad and wash the dirty pants. Tilker swears by her method, having tried it on her own daughter who was proficient on the potty in just five days. TheBottomZz Up Potty Training Tool Kit ($97) includes three pair of washable underwear, six disposable inserts, a travel bag, sticker chart, and graduation certificate. The Tool Kit, as well as absorbent pad refills and additional training pants can be purchased online.