Photo by Jenna Graham

Munchkin has been in on the baby gate game for awhile, but their latest intro, a gate with a motion-detective LED light, is unlike anything else on the market. So when a select group of StrollerTraffic Scouts were given the opportunity to try out the new Luna, they were quick to oblige. The Vibe gate—another new arrival—was put to the test by a second subset of Scouts. This one features a mesh center, and comes in four color options (plus a Hello Kitty design—ridiculously cute), to fit right into kiddie spaces. Check out a visual diary of the team’s adventures in babyproofing on Instagram by searching #munchkinmoments. Here’s what they had to say about Munchkin’s latest.


Everyone was in agreement that the Luna gate is easy to install. “I kid you not, Leo (my 16-month-old) helped me,” Chicago Scout Jesi Verchota says. The Luna comes with Munchkin’s trademarked TurnKey Mounts, and AAA batteries are included (love that). “We chose to install the gate on our front door, which took about 15 minutes start to finish (with a drill),” Hamptons Scout Nicole Delma adds. “The directions were easy, the parts were super simple to find, and the gate has worked out incredibly well for us.” As for that light, Florida Scout Jenna Graham told us that “The LED light is brilliant, as our house stays pretty dark at night. The light helps me not only when I’m stumbling around for those early morning feedings—it also makes me feel at ease if my older children get up and need to go downstairs during the night.” The Luna’s quality construction and aesthetic also scored rave reviews from our Scouts. “Very sleek,” Philadelphia Scout Britney Harmon says. “I love the ease of the swinging door, that it swings in both directions,” Jenna added.


That same TurnKey Mount was a hit with our Vibe testers. “I tend to drag my heels on handyman work—which baby-proofing falls under in my mind—because I always manage to hammer a nail just a little off. The Munchkin Vibe is pretty genius in this regard,” San Francisco Scout Vanessa Wauchope says. “The design is gorgeous and clean, and allows you to view [your children] through the center mesh portion,” she added. Westchester Scout Jennifer Tonetti Spellman is also a fan of the mesh center. “I adore the mesh and the little heart (it’s the little things), as it feels less like ‘jail’ for the baby and more inclusive.” Our Editorial Director, Lisa Horten, used the gate at the top of her basement (playroom) staircase. “The Vibe did its job of keeping my toddling 1-year-old from venturing down the stairs, and the latch was easy enough for my 4-year-old to maneuver on his own when he needed to come up and down stairs—just the right amount of peace of mind.”

The Bottom Line

“The silver color is classic, yet modern, and the material is very solid, without being heavy or cumbersome.” —Hamptons Scout Nicole Delma

“The best thing about the Luna gate is the confidence that it will provide safety for my baby. I am not worried that he will push it or pull it down when it’s locked.” —Florida Scout Jenna Graham

“I love that the light is also a motion sensor, so if Leo is sleeping and wakes crying, I can go to his room, and while passing down the hallway, the gate senses motion and shines bright.” —Chicago Scout Jesi Verchota