Everyone talks about maternity clothes, but once the baby’s born, nursing presents an entirely new sartorial challenge (sigh). When you combine a postpartum bod, constantly changing cup sizes, and the need for easy access, the task of shopping for this phase of motherhood can seem almost impossible. Alas, it doesn’t have to be. Emily Hsu, who founded the gorg nursing line Au Lait, shared her mantra for new mom style with us, and we’ve got a few years of our own experience to pass along, too.

“Self-care goes hand in hand with great parenting,” Emily says (#truth). “The hard work it takes to be a new mom is important, but you deserve to step back once in a while and reconnect with yourself, too.” Filling your closet with pieces that are equal parts style and functionality is the way to start—when you feel good about yourself, the rest kind of falls into place—one can hope. Here’s what you’ll need (not a nursing clip in sight).

First up, a form-fitting base layer top in a couple of neutral colors. Wear it under a favorite sweater, or on its own for lounging around. Once it’s time to head back to work (or, you’d just like to convey the message that you’ve still “got it”), pair a pretty v-neck tunic with some skinny pants. Bomber jackets are trending for fall, and conveniently add a layer of coverage for on-the-go nursing (plus, this one’s longer than the standard, for a more flattering look). Dress to impress in a forgiving burnished chiffon dress or one with buttons down the front. There, that wasn’t so bad, was it?