If you’re hosting a BBQ this summer (perhaps even this July Fourth weekend), make sure you’re offering your guests the very to best to squeeze and spread on their burgers and dogs. We drilled our resident nutritionist, Hillary Baron Irwin on her top condiment picks, and guidelines for their shelf (and table) lives.

What to serve: Mustard has no added sugar, and includes a number of powerful antioxidants, like mustard seed, turmeric, and paprika. To top off fish tacos, grilled chicken, or burgers, guacamole is loaded with healthy fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals. It’s high in calories, though, so watch your portions. Make your own by mashing avocados with lime juice, cilantro, and a pinch of sea salt (or, check out Hillary’s roasted corn and black bean variation below). Salsa is like eating a jar of veggies, Hillary says. Look for brands with no added sugar, and use cucumbers as dippers instead of chips. Hummus is best when it’s homemade, and you can experiment by tossing in cilantro, roasted carrots, or cumin to keep things interesting. Sriracha adds a spicy kick, and can even jump-start your metabolism (just use it in sparingly when the kids are involved). And pesto offers a great combo of healthy fats and antioxidants. Try it on grilled chicken, fish, or turkey burgers.

Keep it safe: Your condiments should all be safe sitting outside for up to two hours (one hour if the temp is over 90). Err on the side of caution by keeping everything on ice.

Beyond the BBQ: Hillary’s guidelines for how long to keep your condiments in the fridge are as follows. Go on, check out what’s been overstaying its welcome at your house (it’s the first thing we did!).
Ketchup/cocktail sauce: 6 months
Mustard: 12 months
Mayonnaise: 2 months
Salad Dressing: 2 months
BBQ Sauce: 4 months
Chutney: 1-2 months
Pickles: 1 year
Salsa:  5-7 days opened in the refrigerator
Hummus: 5-7 days opened in the refrigerator