Actress and model Jaime King has two new business ventures—a makeup line and a cute collab with kids’ brand Gardner and the Gang. She also stars and produces in her own web series, is a champion of The Parker Institute For Cancer Immunotherapy, and is mom to James Knight (2.5) and Leo Thames (11 months). As part of our ongoing Inspired Moms series in partnership with ViaCord, we chatted with Jaime about juggling her career and charitable endeavors with and motherhood.

You’ve got your hands full with two boys under 3—how do you spend time as a family?

We love walks, art projects, spending time with good friends and other families. We are pretty much inseparable, and we have learned to incorporate our children into almost everything that we do. I’m very grateful for that.

What’s your favorite thing about being a mom?

Watching these beautiful little creatures develop their own unique personalities is so amazing.

Agreed! Tell us, what are you working on these days?

I’m teaming up with the Pull-Ups Potty Partnership to potty train James Knight. I’ve also created an organic children’s line with Gardner and The Gang and have a vegan makeup line called Alchemy that’s a collaboration with Colourpop. I have a new sketch comedy series called Attention Deficit Theater, which I produce and star in, too.

Busy lady. How did you get involved in working with The Parker Institute?

Through my friend, Alexandra Parker [Sean’s wife]. I was on the board of Stand Up to Cancer (SU2C) for many years, and feel deeply connected to finding as much research as possible and seeing the day that we’d have non-toxic cures and a true cure for cancer. What Sean has given and what he is doing is vitally imperative and done so deeply from his heart. I feel grateful to be a part of seeing through [the late] Laura Ziskin’s vision for Stand Up to Cancer, as well as that of Sean, and all of the doctors and scientists involved.

What’s your advice for other moms hoping to get involved with charitable work?

Find something that is very true to your heart. Something that deeply touches you on a personal level, then get online and research the best charities and non-profit organizations dedicated to that purpose. There are amazing websites and apps dedicated to assisting you find an active and legitimate charity to participate in.

How do you plan to pass on the spirit of philanthropy to your own boys?

I try to lead by example and pay attention to what means most to them. Raising children to be loving, compassionate human beings who are tolerant and forgiving—and to think outside of the box to set the foundations for these qualities is the key.

Great advice. Thanks, Jaime!