Photo by Nicole Delma

This spring, Babyganics made some fabulous additions to its ever-expanding line of baby-safe products, and our intrepid team of StrollerTraffic Scouts wasted no time in putting the new goods to the test—slathering on mineral-based sunscreen, splashing around in color-changing swim diapers, and cleaning little bodies and homes. You can follow their adventures on Instagram under the hashtag #growboldly. In the meantime, here’s what they had to say about Babyganics.

Babyganics’ genius color-changing swim diapers feature a graphic on the booty that changes color when exposed to UV light. So you’ve got a built-in visual reminder when it’s time to apply or re-apply sunscreen (or, to head indoors for the day). “The swim pants are the most practical, useful beach diaper I’ve tried,” says Hamptons scout Nicole Delma. On top of the obvious benefit of letting you know when the rays are really strong, they function as a diaper well after they’ve gotten wet.” Nicole gave two thumbs up to the super-flexible fabric that’s “durable yet thin enough to hide under a swimsuit without looking suspect.” Cincinnati Scout Ashlee Mello agrees: “They are well made, and streamlined compared to others on the market. For an Earth-friendly product, I don’t feel there was a sacrifice made on quality.” One thing to note, from San Diego Scout Jessica Mason, is that the diapers run a bit large. “My 10-month old daughter is in the 100th percentile for height, 85th percentile for weight, and the smalls are still a little large on her. That being said, it held up astonishingly for how full it was (wink).”

Babyganics’ sunscreen went over well with the Scouts, too. “The product didn’t separate, as many mineral-based sunscreens can,” notes Nicole. Chicago Scout Jesi Verchota passed it along to the moms enrolled in her stroller fitness class. “I loved seeing their reactions when using it for the first time—the texture and consistency is so smooth, and your skin drinks it up.”

On the home front, Jesi tested the citrus multi-surface cleaner on granite countertops, glass tabletops, stainless steel appliances (no streaks!)—and to clean the tub before bath time. “I’m obsessed.” she says. Jesi also sampled Babyganics’ new night time shampoo and body wash and bubble bath. “Now we end our days with a warm bath filled with orange blossom, splashing, bubble beards, and a rinse,” she says. New Orleans Scout (and morning news anchor) Anne Cutler Mason was a fan of the skincare products’ handy pump and tear-free solution. “With the foam, I don’t have to use as much product, and it’s easier to rinse out.”

The Bottom Line

“Let’s just say I have now labeled myself a Babyganics super-fan and have become brand loyal.” —Jesi Verchota, Chicago

“Babyganics sunscreen gets a high score from EWG, rubs on more easily than many mineral sunscreens, and is affordable. So, yeah, what’s not to love?” —Geneva Karwoski, Joshua Tree

“Overall, we have been thrilled with the Babyganics products, particularly the sunscreen. Even adult family members have been borrowing it and commenting on how much they like it.” —Katie Hampton, Napa Valley

“The sunscreen stayed on well in the water, and our daughter now has a nice ‘glow’ sans any burning, dryness or redness and literally spending almost everyday at the beach.” —Nicole Delma, The Hamptons

“The UV-activated patterns on the diapers are so cute and such a great idea. I would and have already recommended these to my mama girlfriends.” —Jessica Mason, San Diego