Photo by @fondgroup

Weighing in at just under 13 pounds and generating lots of buzz for its microscopic fold, the featherweight Babyzen YOYO+ comes with a totally flat carrycot for newborns and is compatible with various infant car seats including the Cybex Aton Q and Maxi-Cosi Pebble and Pebble Plus. It’s parent-facing up to 6 months, and features a 5-point harness and 3-position canopy, plus one-handed steering and machine-washable fabrics.

The StrollerTraffic Scouts spent the past month testing out the YOYO+, whose recent upgrades include a roomier basket, a handy storage pouch, and a stronger frame. If you follow our Scouts on Instagram, you would have seen them jaunting to Bermuda, museum hopping in Cali, hot-spotting in South Beach — all with the YOYO+ in tow. For a recap, just search IG by hashtag #letsgoyoyo.

No matter where they strolled, the Scouts were floored by the YOYO+’s compact, single-handed fold. “ It folds down into a small square that can fit in any space — including the overhead on an airplane,” raves Hamptons Scout Joey Wölffer. “Being able to throw the stroller over your shoulder by the strap is really clutch,” agrees Editorial Director Lisa Horten. “I’m only 5’-1” tall,” says Anne Cutler of New Orleans, “and while heading out to one festival, I found myself carrying the stroller, toddler, and diaper bag all at the same time.” (Two thumbs up, Supermom.)

Beyond its portability, the YOYO+ scored points with the Scouts for taking up such little space: “You can tuck it away when not in use and it’s not taking up real estate in a hotel room,” explains Jackie Siska of Seattle. “We don’t have a garage, and with five strollers, the less room they take up, the better!”

All of this smallness may lead one to think the YOYO+ is a dinky little umbrella stroller, but no. “It fits into the ‘compact’ and ‘reasonable’ category without feeling cheap in any way,” says Nicole Delma of Sag Harbor. “The fabric and construction is solid.” And though it’s not an all-terrain stroller (the Scouts don’t suggest trying to ramp up curbs or navigate bumpy walkways), the YOYO+’s four-wheel suspension means a smooth ride and easy turns on even pavement and manicured sidewalks. Other favorite touches include a cell phone stash pocket in the back of the seat, a super-shady canopy, and a comfy grip.

As far as insider tips go, the Scouts encourage buyers to get a universal cupholder (the YOYO+ doesn’t come with one) and to be prepared for airline employees to ask you to demonstrate how small it folds (most haven’t seen it before!). Many of the Scouts also noted how, surprisingly, they’ve decided to ditch their larger everyday strollers in favor of the handy little YOYO+. “It’s just SO REASONABLE,” explains Nicole. “My big and bulky Cadillac-of-a-stroller seems like overkill now.”

The bottom line?

“I can’t stress how much this stroller changed our life! I traveled alone — 5 months pregnant with our 18 month-old — and there is no way I could have done it without this stroller!” —Michelle Green, Austin

“What a wonderful stroller!! It has replaced every stroller I have (except for my jogger).” —Britney Harmon, Philadelphia

“This stroller is incredible! Unlike most umbrella-type strollers, the YOYO+ feels sturdy and moves smoothly.” —Anna Lane, Los Angeles

“I absolutely love the Babyzen. We have actually ended up using the YOYO+ as our daily stroller because it is so light and reliable. There is literally NOTHING I would change about it!”  —Joey Wölffer, the Hamptons

“This stroller might actually be life-changing!!  I’m not quite sure how I ever functioned without it.”  —Anne Cutler, New Orleans

“The BabyZen YOYO+ is truly unlike any stroller I have tried out before. I’m a fan!” —Nicole Delma, the Hamptons