–Photo by @altruisticyogini

It takes a lot of patience to teach a toddler how to use a sippy cup. Speed things along with Evenflo Feeding’s Tilty Tripleflo, a clever training cup that eliminates the need for little ones to tilt their heads way back in order to drink. The cup was designed with an angled interior wall, so liquid reaches the spout as soon as a child lifts the cup to his or her mouth. So smart.

The StrollerTraffic Scouts spent a few weeks testing out the Tilty. As a group, the Scouts flipped over how easy it is for little ones to successfully drink from the Tilty. “Our 17 month old wants to drink out of big kid cups all the time, and with the Tilty she gets to feel like she is, but with a lot less spilled water,” says Naomi Miller of Providence. “The cup has been a lifesaver,” agrees Jesi Verchota of Chicago. “We have tried a few other brands and nothing worked. But when I first offered the Tilty cup to Leo, he grabbed it by the handles and immediately took a sip.” (Those handles, btw, are optional and double as handy clips for hanging the cup from a diaper bag or handle bar.)

Convenience aside, one of the Tilty’s coolest features is an adjustable valve with three different flow rates; it allows you to control the amount of liquid your child sips. Just pop off the top and set it to fast, medium, slow—or close/off. “The adjustable flow is great,” says Anne Mason of New Orleans. “I can set it in the close/off position and put it in the diaper bag without having to worry about leaks. Also, Beau has a tendency to chew on his sippy cups, so having the valve on the inside is great.” One Scout admitted to forgetting to set the valve to close/off, leading to a major diaper bag spill and others struggled to secure the lid properly. The folks at Evenflo Feeding explained that the tab on the cup needs to align with the cut out on the lid before you firmly snap them together—it also helps to “burp” the lid like Tupperware. But once you’ve got the hang of it, the cup is seriously leak-free. “I would give my 8-month-old the cup with liquid in it, and with the stop flow on. Miraculously this stood up to her furiously throwing the cup and it really did keep the liquid in AND the top stayed on,” says Britney Riehle of Philadelphia.

The Tilty’s unique design means a wider cup (slightly bigger than some cup holders) and smaller cavity for liquid, so it was our Scouts with younger toddlers just on the cusp of learning to drink from a cup at home who adored it most. “Thank you for making Leo’s first sip successful,” says Jesi. “Now excuse me while I go cry because my little boy is growing up.”