When Mountain Buggy introduced the juno carrier, we were psyched to see the most important carrier qualities listed among its features: Ergonomic positioning? Check. Supportive waistband? Check. Comfy straps? Check. Healthy fabrics? Check.  But of course you never really know until you try it. So the StrollerTraffic Scouts spent the past three weeks testing out the juno. We’ve summed up their reviews below, and you can follow their adventures on Instagram with hashtag #mbjuno.

As a group, the Scouts agree that the juno is supremely comfortable for the wearer and gives a serious sense of security. “The waist band is thicker than most carriers,” explains Fiona Hopkins of Greenwich, CT. “Weight is distributed evenly, eliminating back pain. With other carriers initial thoughts are, ‘wow this is comfortable!’— then 2 hours later you feel like you need a new back.” Nicole Delma of Sag Harbor, NY, says it’s the softest and coziest of all the baby carriers she’s tried. “And I have tried a LOT,” she adds. “I like that the waist strap really stays put where you want it.” StrollerTraffic’s own Editorial Director, Lisa Horten of Westchester, NY, agrees that the overall quality of the juno is superior to any other carrier she’s tried. “While I didn’t test it with a ‘heavyweight,’ I have no doubt that it could handle the 40-pounder that it claims to be able to support. This thing is solid.”

Across the board, the Scouts’ favorite feature of the juno is the hands-through connection pouch, which gives the wearer a cozy slot in the front of the carrier to rest hands and snuggle baby in close. “I love the pocket in front, where I could put my hands through to connect with baby and also to keep my hands warm on a cool spring day,” says Jesi Verchota of Chicago. (Fiona calls it the Hoodie Hand Muff.) “With other carriers I constantly found myself rubbing or patting the exact area on my little one,” explains Ashlee Mello of Cincinnati. “Mountain Buggy had the insight to make the connection spot a reality.”  Jackie Siska of Seattle agrees, “Not only does it keep my own hands warm, but I like giving back scratches to the kids. I feel like it relaxes them.” Tip: as the weather gets warmer, slip a soft gel cooler pack into the pouch to keep mom and baby cool.

The Scouts also appreciated the magnetic strap fasteners (genius once you get the hang of it), stow-away hood, adjustable seat width, essentials pocket (sized just right for keys, phone, and a credit card), infant insert (included!), and chic patterns. “The adorable navy striped hood and liner felt more like a cute print I would get in a favorite tee than some of the other unrealistic florals or paisleys out there,” says Nicole (pictured, above.)

While many Scouts sang the praises of the juno’s non-slip straps that don’t budge, others struggled to adjust them. It’s helpful to remember to pull the straps at a 45-degree angle, one at a time, and to use your free hand to lift your child upward under their seat while you pull—alleviating the strain on the strap and allowing it to pull through more smoothly. The straps are made from 100 percent cotton and will eventually soften and pull through the buckle teeth more smoothly (while maintaining their non-slip safety feature).

And when it comes to adjusting the carrier to your specific needs, Mountain Buggy’s instructional videos are fantastic. (Our Scouts especially found the video on forward-facing positioning to be a life-saver.)  The brand also offers helpful general fit tips and has a juno product specialist on call at [email protected]. As Nicole smartly sums up, “It’s not really an ‘out of the box’ carrier, but worth the extra adjustments to get the right fit.”

Available for $179.99 at Buy Buy Baby.