Lauren Bush Lauren has just become a mom herself (baby James is 3 months old), but she’s been impacting the lives of children for nearly 10 years. Since 2006, her company FEED has been at the forefront of conscious consumerism, providing more than 87 million meals in 63 countries to those in need. As part of our ongoing Inspired Moms series in partnership with ViaCord, we caught up with Lauren to discuss the importance of philanthropy and new motherhood.

We are big (huge!) fans of FEED. Tell us how you came up with the concept. I founded FEED nearly 10 years ago, after seeing the devastating effects of malnutrition first-hand as a student spokesperson for the World Food Programme. I remember feeling frustrated when I returned from these travels—wanting to engage my peers in helping, but not knowing how. That’s where the idea for the first FEED bag came from. The FEED 1 was a way to make it easy for people to join the movement to end hunger in a meaningful and tangible way. The business has grown since then, but the model has always stayed the same. You come from a philanthropic family; has that influenced how you help others? Service was always a family value growing up. My mom really inspired me as a kid in this way. She started a charity for homeless and abused children, and always made sure we were finding our own ways to give back. Love that. It’s so important to introduce the idea at an early age. How can busy, overwhelmed moms make a difference? As a new mom myself, I’ve been so thankful for the options I have through companies who have giving back built into their DNA, as FEED does. Choosing to buy from businesses like Zady and The Honest Company is a great way to make a difference. Helping moms has been really important to us at FEED over the past few years. We launched a beautiful diaper bag line—each of those sales provides life-saving micronutrient powder to a mother and her baby for a year. What other projects do you have going on right now? I usually have multiple projects going on at once, but this is a unique time for me as a new mother. I’m really laser-focused on figuring this mom thing out, while continuing to run FEED. It’s a lot, but I feel so blessed having two roles I love. Amen to that. What’s motherhood been like for you so far? Any big surprises? Motherhood is amazing and hard to articulate at this point, as everything is still so new. I have to say, I am surprised and in awe of the incredible love I feel for my little guy. It is something you are told you will feel, but until you have a baby, it is hard to know exactly how deep and profound that love will be. #Truth. What are you most looking forward to when you think about raising a family in New York? There is so much culture and creativity at our fingertips, and I am excited for James to see and experience all the city has to offer as he grows up. Will we see more baby-related FEED products? Many of our FEED ladies are mamas, and we definitely want to cater to their needs and their babies’ needs.  We are also proud that FEED creates a nice teaching moment for kids to learn that they too can be part of helping other children in need. You can check out our newest line for babies, too. Thanks for sharing, Lauren. And a very warm welcome to little James!