New Year’s resolutions may be cliche, but January lends itself so well to the whole “fresh start” thing. And you don’t have to KonMari the whole joint to feel better about your home, stuff, and life in general, either. Here are a few of our favorite (very doable) ideas for decluttering and organizing, room-by-room.

Welcome home.  Whether or not you have a dedicated entryway, it’s easy enough to DIY a space to keep everyone’s shoes, coats, and other gear in order. Invest in sturdy metal bins, as suggested by Martha Stewart , and make sure they’re clearly labeled for the little guys. Hang a coat hook on the wall at kiddie height, too, to get them into the habit of leaving it there (instead of on the floor). Eat, drink, and be organized. We loved the old-school tip of taping your most-used recipes inside a cabinet door that came from a reader of The Kitchn. And there’s a reason that Boon Grass—and its accompanying accessories—are a perennial favorite. They’re as functional as they are cool. Once the kids have graduated from bottles to “real” cups, the Puj Philip is a must for preventing the common frustration of plowing through every cup in the kitchen in a single day (how and why do they do that?) Wardrobe revamp. Using organizers meant for adult accessories (tie boxes, sock dividers, etc.) in a nursery or child’s room maximizes the space in their dresser drawers, and makes it easier to find what you’re looking for. If you have the space, keep gifts and hand-me-downs in larger sizes visible in the closet or on a wardrobe rack so that you don’t forget about them. Sites like Totspot, ThredUp, and Towne & Market let you sell the duds you’re done with, or you can always donate. And now, let’s play. NYC-based organizational expert Jeffrey Phillip advises letting your kids’ play patterns dictate how you organize their toys.  Keep the most-used items easily accessible, and those apt to make a major mess up high. When it comes to DUPLO (and eventually LEGO) play, the Lay-n-Go is a game-changer.