Susan Lazar’s Egg Baby nails it for seriously cute everything for babies and kids. The designer and mom of Mikah, 4, also champions children’s charities such as Community of Unity  and Worldwide Orphans Foundation. She also dedicates time to Chai Lifeline, a group that helps the families of Jewish children faced with serious illness. As part of our ongoing Inspired Moms series in partnership with ViaCord, we chatted with Susan about philanthropy, splitting her time between Tel Aviv and New York, and more.

You make time for so many worthwhile charities. How do you decide who to support? Eight years ago, I set up a foundation called Egg Loves. Its mission is to support charities that help children in need—especially those with ties to education or the arts. Each year, we design a “Unity Through Love” tee to benefit a specific organization. I’ve also been very active with Chai Lifeline. I was involved with their hospital program and spent years visiting children and bringing them food, art, toys, and other items they might need. The hugely positive impact you can have on a family or small child in the hospital just by showing up and saying hello is so incredible. What drives you to help others in need? I’ve been blessed with so much, I really feel that it’s my responsibility to help those less fortunate. I founded Egg out of the desire to create a brand that stood for love, connection and unity. People pay attention to brands, and as a kid’s brand in particular, I feel we have a special responsibility. What’s your advice for moms who want to get involved in philanthropy? Setting aside just an hour a week can make it approachable. Also, causes that the whole family can get involved in are a great way to help out, teach your kids about giving back, and have fun all at the same time. This holiday season, all Egg stores will be hosting coat drives, so families can drop off their old coats and receive a discount if they want to buy a new one. What else is new at Egg Baby? We’re (obviously) huge fans. I just designed a pregnancy line that’s available exclusively at Our layette collection is also a new addition. And, I’m working on a fun new collection called Egg Play, which focuses on more staple pieces for launching Fall 2016. [Moving into] new office headquarters behind our Egg NYC flagship store in Tribeca has also been a dream come true! And you’re now splitting your time between Israel (Tel Aviv) and New York, right? Yes, I’m living and working in both places. Israel could be a great place for Egg, so that’s been a focus while I’m in Tel Aviv. How do you handle all the back and forth as a family? Mikah, my four-year-old daughter, is thriving. I wasn’t sure how she would do with all the travel, plus learning a new language, but she is adapting well. I’m constantly amazed by her. Ironically, we’ve recently started classes in Israel that teach the English Alphabet. What is life in Israel like for kids? Israel is so child-oriented, and life really revolves around family and kids. We ride on our ofanayim (bicycle), and tour around the city. There is a fabulous carousel outside on the water, and many fun toy stores and restaurants–all kid-friendly. I’m still scoping out great spots for an Egg store—will keep you posted!