She’s the co-owner of Wolffer Estate Vineyards, founder of The Styleliner, and newly minted restauranteur. Oh, and Joey Wolffer’s a new mom, too. Whew. Busy schedule aside, she remains devoted to her involvement with A Caring Hand, NYC’s only non-profit bereavement center. As part of our ongoing Inspired Moms series with ViaCord, we sat down with Joey to talk babies, business, and doing good deeds.

First off, congrats on baby Nell. How’s motherhood treating you so far? Thank you! It’s been a roller coaster of emotions, but such an exciting ride. I am slowly adjusting to “normal life”—trying to balance it all has certainly been a challenge, but I am taking it day by day. You have to. What are you enjoying most about this stage? Enjoying full days, being with my husband and family, and just being around her as she grows up. I ran around a lot before she came into our world, and now I just appreciate the simple things in life while better organizing my time. Moms make great multitaskers. What do you like doing together as a family? Lots and lots of walks while it’s still so lovely out. This weekend, we are going to take her to the Children’s Museum in Bridgehampton. She is aware of colors and shapes, so it will be fun to start introducing her to the world. The museum is great for that, for sure. Did you receive any advice that’s made parenthood easier? Routine makes everybody happy—the baby and the parents. Putting her on a strict eating and sleeping schedule has helped us so much. So true. Switching gears, tell us more about A Caring Hand. The mission is to help bereaved families cope with the death of a significant person in their lives through a comprehensive program of counseling, support, research, consultation, and crisis response. The charity began after 9/11. The founder had lost her father in the World Trade Center. How did you get involved? When my father was killed in 2008, a friend with the organization introduced me to it. It took me some time to cope with my own grief and drastic life change, but I am so happy to be involved now — I really feel like I make a difference even in such a small way, but a significant way. Loss can have a very powerful effect on people if not talked about or dealt with. And what is your role in the charity? This summer, I co-chaired a fundraiser with my friend Michelle Fawbush. I will continue to work in events and fundraising. Having lost my step-brother at 24 and my father at 26, I’ve experienced tremendous loss and pain. I understand how important it is to get the support and guidance you need to overcome the suffering that can really stunt life. It’s all about putting that strength and passion into doing what you love. Sounds like an incredible organization. Tell us a bit about all of the business ventures you’re working on — you’re a busy lady! It was such a great summer. We’re trying to build a lifestyle brand and I truly believe it’s working. This summer, I created my first bricks and mortar shop in Sag Harbor highlighting my own designs as well as my finds. Under the Wolffer brand, we also opened a restaurant, Wolffer Kitchen. Our focus is on wine-friendly foods — clean American food with a Mediterranean twist. This year we will continue to focus on national outreach with the Wolffer Brand. All so exciting. . . what’s next!? I’m going to expand my line beyond bags. We’ll be launching our resort line for the summer. And my next step is a lifestyle blog, but one thing at a time! Thanks for chatting, and inspiring, Joey.