–photo credit: dailymail.co.uk

As a supermodel and television host (America’s Got Talent, Project Runway), Heidi Klum is one of the most recognizable moms in America. The gorgeous mother of four young children is also a designer (Truly Scrumptous, New Balance), but somehow still finds time to be involved in several charities that empower women and children. That’s why we’re naming her September’s Inspired Mom of the Month, presented by ViaCord. We caught up with Klum about her brood and about flexing her supermodel status for the American Red Cross, UNICEF, and others.

We understand you and the children summer in New York, while you’re filming Project Runway and America’s Got Talent. How did you spend your free time this year? We have so much fun when we’re in New York! We are the best tourists. We visit the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty . . .  go to Broadway shows and make multiple trips to Splish Splash Waterpark in Long Island. My kids and I love those crazy slides. We love visiting the Natural History Museum. Even walking the streets of New York City is such a learning experience for them–there is so much to see and discover. What are your go-to dining spots while you’re there? My kids love everything from sushi to pizza so we try a little bit of it all. We love outdoor dinners at Bar Pitti as much as we love cooking at home together. Adventurous eaters. Lucky you! What else are you working on right now? I’m always juggling a few things at a time!  I love designing and am having fun working on the new collections for my Truly Scrumptious line at Babies’R’Us. We have some exciting new things for the fall. Just thinking about your schedule is dizzying. How do you carve out time for philanthropy? I build charitable work into my schedule every year. I also do what I can on an everyday basis.  I’m lucky that I have a platform to help spread the word about these organizations and how people can chip in to help. So, how do you choose which charities benefit from that platform? They are always organizations that I just feel drawn to. What amazes me about the Red Cross is that they are always the first to respond to any situation. I’ve cooked and delivered meals in New York City for God’s Love We Deliver; visited with the children of Haiti on a UNICEF mission; and several times a year I visit the Children’s Hospital LA to do something fun with the kids. I’ve even taken some of the outpatient children to a movie premiere! We all dressed up in Red Riding Hood capes–it was so much fun. Stand Up to Cancer is another amazing organization I work with. Is there one charity that is especially close to your heart? That’s so hard to say. I do a lot of field work where I’m in communities and hearing people’s stories of heartbreak, loss, and struggle. I remember talking to a firefighter after Hurricane Sandy when I was on a Red Cross trip and he literally lost his entire home–it just slipped right off of the foundation and collapsed. I’ve held orphans in Haitian hospitals where they couldn’t afford incubators. The babies were wrapped in plastic bags with heat lamps over them. So to answer your question, they are all close to my heart for different reasons and experiences. How can other moms make a difference? Everyone can do something–just go ask in your community and see where help is needed. It could be spending time reading with underprivileged children or helping in a community soup kitchen. I think it’s also really important for your children to see you giving back. Kids learn by example. Gandhi said “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  If we can all do our part and help just one person, that really does make a difference.