Becoming a parent changes everything—routines, attitudes . . . your browser history. You’ll want to update your “Bookmarks” tab and Instagram feed accordingly. Here’s what we’re scrolling, reading, and retweeting.

1. Often imitated but never re-created, @HonestToddler wins at Twitter. In all age groups.

2. To balance your foodie past with the new reality of a toddler at the table, check out Cool Mom Eats, the latest from the Cool Mom Picks team. (Their corresponding Pinterest board rocks, too).

3. Speaking of good eats, Dinner A Love Story is the brainchild of cookbook author and former Bon Appetit, Martha Stewart Living, and Real Simple editor Jenny Rosenstratch. She’s made it through the trenches of having two kids under 2, and will revolutionize the way you feed your family (without ever making you feel guilty).

4. Scary Mommy keeps it real, with LOL and heartwarming articles on everything you’re thinking, but weren’t sure if you should say out loud.

5. Lay Baby Lay’s Pinterest board is packed with amazing design details—mostly centered around kiddie spaces, but some jaw-dropping party and DIY ideas, too.

6. Follow @STFUparents (as in, Shut The F**K Up, Parents) on twitter for a hilarious bashing of sanctimommies, mommy jackers, and digital over-sharers.

7. And when you’re on the brink of losing your s*@t because of a picky eater, @mykidcanteatthis on IG makes it impossible not to laugh about it.

8. Sign up dad for Fatherly’s weekly e-newsletter. Informative and smart, this week’s edition featured instructions for turning a Cozy Coupe into a Batmobile (score), and a father’s take on his daughter’s traumatic birth story.

9. Add some simply gorgeous mother-child eye candy to your next Instagram scroll by following The Glow.

10. Weelicious has manageable meal ideas for every stage—from baby’s first bites through pack-for-school lunches.

11. For a deeper dive than your usual social media scan, the Washington Post’s On Parenting newsletter is filled with smart content on thought-provoking topics.

12. Joy Cho’s Oh Joy! blog is a candy-colored feast for the senses, so it’s only natural that we can’t get enough of her robust Pinterest boards.

13. Add @ProjectNursery to your Insta-feed for design trends, real kids’ rooms, and shoppable picks.

14. Your bank account may take a hit, but parents of the best-dressed kids are likely to hear Gilt Baby & Child’s daily 12:00 “ding” when it’s flash sale time.

15. It’s a brand-spankin-new account, but be among the first to get on board with @FamilyJaunts for kid-friendly vacation tips and inspiring family travel pics—we’ve got the inside scoop that this is going to be good (wink).

16. At the risk of sounding alarmist. .  . it can’t hurt to add the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to your Twitter feed. Because you really don’t want to be the last to know if your baby’s car seat is recalled.

17. Kelly Mom has the answers to all of your breastfeeding questions—

18. With hourly updates, POPSUGAR Moms’ Facebook page will keep you in the the loop of all things pertaining to parenting.

19. Mommyish’s tagline is “Parenting Imperfect.” No one’s getting judged here, and it makes a great naptime read.

20. Holy baby fashionistas. Mini Style’s Instagram feed is a great intro to tons of lesser-known kiddie clothing brands.

21. If you aren’t already familiar with Momma’s Gone City, it’s time to indulge yourself in the #cutenessoverload of babies and their puppy napping together.

22. To keep up with all the mom-and-pop inventions for new parents, follow The Baby Guy on Facebook. He’s usually good for a daily belly laugh, too.

23. Another addition to amp up the funny in your Twitter feed: Reasons My Son Is Crying. He got a book deal for a reason.

24. A Cup of Jo’s musings on motherhood will make your heart swell—but that’s not all the former magazine editor covers on her beautiful lifestyle blog.

25. Shameless self-promotion. Us! Follow us! On Instagram, on Facebook, and on Pinterest.